Ramadan Questions Answered Part 1 & 2


Ramadan is a month of blessing
Ramadan is a month of forgiving
Ramadan is a month of helping
Those who are in need

Ramadan is a month of sacrifice
Let us all be so wise

Holy month of Islam is Ramadan
Holy book of  Islam is quran
Ramadan is the way to jannat
Let’s beg Allah for his rehmat
      Ramadan Ramadan

Sawli shaik 


Dear Readers,


Please find below our Ramadan Questions Session from Insta Live. We received many questions and we tried our best to answer them in two sessions.


Insta Live One:


Ramadan Challenges- Why Ramadan is so hard?
I want to Fast, but can’t
Eating Alone Vs Family
Helping someone with Bulimia
Can ED Person ever fast
Can you use Ramadan as a month to lose weight
Iftar/Futoor Challenges
Coping with Anxiety and other 




Part 2



In Part 2


Not having a supporting community during Ramadan
Binging at Futoor
Anxiety over Ramadan
B/P at Futoor
Handling Challenges of Futoor Parties
Perfect way of Eating
Ramadan among conflict in Gaza




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