Webinar Series – Finding Your Voice in Eating Disorder Recovery



Eating disorders don’t give up without fighting back, and because of some extreme personal stresses, my eating disorder has been particularly noisy lately. I find myself being quiet when I should speak, and burying feelings and thoughts when I should be releasing them.

I know what I have to do. I have to find the courage and strength to move forward in recovery, and that includes no longer being silent no matter what. Anything less will diminish me and create an atmosphere that could be dangerous for me.


From the age of 11, the demands of “ED,” the eating disorder “voice” dominated my diary pages. Until I asked for help, my true self was trapped, a prisoner of the illness.*

– June Alexander


Dear Readers,


Please find below a very powerful webinar from Bridgepoint recovery Centre, ‘Finding Your Voice in Eating Disorder Recovery“.  We hope you’ll find the webinar informative and useful in your journey to recovery and healing.

Webinar Series – Finding Your Voice in Eating Disorder Recovery






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