One Powerful Islamic Tip to Defeat the Negative ED Voice


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Never Rely on Your Eating Disorder (ED) for Anything. ED Lies.

[W]hoever abstains from asking others, Allah will make him contented, and whoever tries to make himself self-sufficient, Allah will make him self-sufficient. And whoever remains patient, Allah will make him patient. Nobody can be given a blessing better and greater than patience.
——— Prophet Muhammad (s) as reported by Abu Said Al Khudri
in Sahih Bukhari, vol 2 hadith 548.

Dear Readers,

I receive many messages where people suffering from ED tell me how the Demon of ED makes them question their belief system.

“every time I’m faced with a problem, I slip, I gain weight, I always think I’m a bad person, Allah is unhappy with me, I’m not strong in my faith”

17 year old York

 “I’ve been struggling with Binge Eating for two years now. I sometimes skip school to stay home so I can binge. I have EDNOS. I don’t pray because I feel my prayers will never be accepted. I feel disgusted in myself. This voice in my head is so strong, so controlling and so evil.”

15 year old Dubai

This is what happens when one is trapped in the vicious cycle of ED. All I know is ED lies. I found this brilliant video by Ihsan Alexander. You can use this video to challenge the negative menacing voice of demon of ED. What is remarkable about this technique is how it has helped so many people suffering from ED to gain belief in their abilities to defeat the demon of ED.


Please watch this video below: Thank you Yormie from USA for all your help with this post and for the transcript. God bless you.


As a spiritual practice, I will suggest that you should be aware of your feelings at different times throughout the day,
Ask yourself..”how do I feel?”. Are you feeling the joys and happiness in abundance? Or Great? Or are you feeling unhappy, stressed out, frustrated anxious?
And how you feel is going to be an indication of the thoughts that are going out on the back of your mind, It is the communication of the thoughts that are running in the background of your being and you are subconscious.
Again, not consciously, but subconsciously, your feelings in your body will indicate to you what is happening beneath the surface of your knowledge and beneath the surface of consciousness and if you feel unhappy for any reason that unhappiness or that feeling of discomfort or this is, is generated from the thoughts or the belief than is other than the truth. That’s why it feels bad.
Our, job and our duty are to become more and more aware and this is the most powerful thing, the most important thing we can do
When the Prophet SAW said our meditation. One hour of of meditation is greater than seventy years of worship in that in one hour you can learn So as a practice, check in with your feelings on a daily basis and do consistently and see how you feel. If you are happy, and if you feel happy and joyous and your feeling good, then, your thoughts are good. In the same vein, if you feel bad for any reason, your thoughts are bad and they’re away from that point, from TRUTH, ‘LAILAH ILALAH’, ‘LAILAH ILALAH’ and after that begin to form what that means in regards to your particular situation. For example, If you are stressed out about the bills or money, as soon as you realize that your body is stressed out and you become more conscious and aware -aware enough to be able to stop it from it getting worse, You realize that ‘ Oh an feeling bad, How I feel is not okay enough, How do I feel, I feel bad, I am anxious, I am not happy, I am feeling fearful…’ Hold on. STOP! “LAILAH ILALAH.. ” There is no God but God. The job is not your God, the fear is not, the anxiety is not, and so on… Nothing in this creation is your God. So you say LAILAHILAHLAH is my God and begin to and begin to affirm that truth consciously and with the presence and realize also then begin to affirm what you know is a derivative of that truth.
God is the creator, God is the Sustainer, God is the Merciful, God is generous, God is great. ALHUAIKBAR and in a few minute, you can completely change your entire state of being and bring yourself into a state of Islam, into a state of Iman and ultimately into a state of Asad, this is perfection and excellence. This is a spiritual path. When we succumb to the negativity, fear and anxiety and in all those negative emotions, subconsciously, we are drifting away from the state of Islam and away from the state of Iman and Asad by consciously bringing the stuff to our awareness and taking action right there and then to affirm truth in the presence of falsehood.
We negate falsehood, we cannot actually fight for ourselves, you can’t overcome it in any way by force. The only way to overcome darkness is to bring in the light.
So bring in the light of truth.
At different times throughout the day, continuously affirm the truth. Bring in the light and more and more darkness will begin to distance itself from our lives And we become enveloped by the grace and surrounded by divine and angelic presence.


When ED makes you disbelieve in God

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Check in With Your Feelings to Bring Yourself to a State of Presence 

– A powerful practice to beat eating disorder. La ilaha ilala

Lailaha Ilala Flash

You know how ED is all about low self esteem, lack of self belief and clinging to a false attachment theory that ED is filling a void in our lives- no it’s not, it’s destroying us. Nothing can fill that void, except Allah, we should know that by now. If ED was our friend, if it filled all the empty spaces in our heart, mind and soul, then why are we feeling so low, so self destructive, reality is ED is a demon, a killer, a monster, all it does is destroy.

ED kills 2

So, every time you are hit by a negative thought, say


Lailaha Ilala Flash

As a profound practice, I will propose that you ought to know about your feelings intermittently throughout the day,

Ask yourself..“how do I feel?”. It is safe to say that you are feeling the delights and satisfaction in plenitude? On the other hand Great? On the other hand would you say you are feeling troubled, worried, baffled, on edge?

Also, how you feel will be a sign of the musings that are going out on the back of your mind, It is the correspondence of the thoughts or what I will say “thinkings” that are running out of sight of your being, that makes you very subconscious and you are intuitive.

Once more, not deliberately, but rather intuitively, your feelings in your body will show to you what is going on underneath the surface of your insight and underneath the surface of cognizance and in the event that you feel troubled for any reason that despondency or that sentiment inconvenience or this is, is produced from the musings or the conviction than is other than reality. That is the reason it feels so bad…awful.

Our, employment and our obligation are to end up more mindful and this is the most intense thing, the most vital thing we can do


At the point when the Prophet SAW said our contemplation. An hour of meditation is more noteworthy than seventy years of love in that in one hour you can learn. So, as a practice, assess and evaluate your feelings once a day and do intermittently and perceive how you feel.

On the off chance that you are cheerful, and on the off chance that you feel overjoyed and blissful and you’re feeling great, then, your thoughts are great. In the same vein, in the event that you feel terrible for any reason, your musings are awful and they’re far from that point, from TRUTH,




After that, start to frame what that implies with respect to your specific circumstance. For instance, If you are worried about the food you’ve eaten, you have questions did I eat too much, have I gained weight? when you understand that your body is worried and you turn out to be more cognizant and mindful – sufficiently mindful to have the capacity to prevent it from it deteriorating, You understand that ” Oh an inclination terrible, How I feel is not approve enough, How would I feel, I feel awful, I am on edge, I am not cheerful, I am feeling fearful…Hold on. STOP!

stop image

Say this “‘LAILAHAILALA’.. “ Like three times or more for as many times as you want. There is no God, but God. The ED is not your God, the fear is not, the predicament is not, the ailment is not, the nervousness is not…

ED destroys


Nothing in this creation is your God.

Stop and Think

ED destroys

So you say LA ILAHA ILALA is my God and start to insist that simple truth in a conscious state and with the presence and acknowledge likewise then start to assert what you know is a subsidiary of that truth.



God is the Maker, God is the Sustainer, God is the Merciful, God is Liberal, God is Extraordinary. ALHUAKBAR and in a couple of moments, you can totally change your whole condition of being and bring yourself into a condition of Islam, into a condition of Iman and at last into a condition of Asad, this is flawlessness and perfection.


This is a profound way. When we succumb to the antagonism, trepidation and uneasiness and in every one of those negative feelings, subconsciously, we are floating away from the condition of Islam, which means peace and far from the condition of Iman and Asad by intentionally conveying these stuffs to our mindfulness and making a move in that spot and afterward to confirm truth in the vicinity of lies.

We discredit misrepresentation, we can’t really battle for ourselves, you can’t overcome it in any capacity by power. The best way to overcome darkness is to acquire the light.

So, acquire the light of truth.


At distinctive times for the duration of the day, ceaselessly certify reality. Make use of the light and more dimness or darkness will start separating itself from our lives And we get to be wrapped by little or no stress and labor and encompassed by celestial and radiant vicinity sent by God.



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