Eating Disorders Healing & Recovery Pakistan: IG Live


One of the most challenging cases of my life, I did lose hope, but Allah is great, He’s Raheem. And the case which had no hope, we saw the miracle of healing and recovery without a team of professionals and residential treatment. It shows EDs are defeatable illnesses. It’s a journey of living and healing and getting to know yourself. 




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Please find below a Live IG Session on Recovering from your ED in Pakistan. In this session we covered many Questions from the cost of treatment to spiritual healing to nutrition, culture, faith, opportunities and success cases. We also covered Questions on why Pakistan and Bangladesh are ideal places for treatment. We are hopeful that one day we will have a centre of healing and research in Pakistan Inshallah where people from across can have an access to for healing and recovery. InshaAllah.



Eating Disorders Healing & Recovery

Pakistan: IG Live




Stay tuned we will be going Live with Rana Shama Nazir soon:



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