Why Islamic Values and Today’s Diet Culture are Incompatible




It’s time we put our values front and center and say the quiet part out loud:

❌Diet culture and our Islamic values are incompatible.

☪️Our Islamic values tell us that every act — no matter how small or mundane — can be an act of worship if done with the right intention.

🕌This is one of the reasons we follow the sunnah. We emulate the way our Prophet (SAW) lived because he was the perfect example of devoting every act to Allah.

😢 And nonetheless, so many of us have wholeheartedly embraced the gospel of diet culture, which tells us that we are worthy ONLY if we look a certain way (and that certain way is almost always: younger, smaller, thinner, and firmer).

💜On the other hand, when we pursue a values-centered approach to health we:

✅Honor our health — we nourish our body because as long as we have a body we have a means of turning our face towards Allah. We resolve to protect and nurture this blessing.

✅We look at health holistically: focusing on our physical, mental, and above all SPIRITUAL health.

✅We are detached from the number on the scale or how we look in clothes. Yes, our bodies MIGHT change as we modify our routines, but that’s besides the point.

✅We acknowledge that the highest form of beauty is the beauty of the SOUL (Ihsan). We channel our energies to care for our health with the intention of using this body to beautify our character and turn away from our nafs.

🪷When we purify our intentions, everything shifts.

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