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Loneliness is detaching from the world driven by negative emotions, while solitude is being happy, content and doing it for a purpose.

Shaykh Hamid Hassan


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Please find below inspiring quotes from Shaykh Hamid Hasan of Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Tariqa , School of Sufi Teaching. If you are on a self healing journey towards physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual recovery, these quotes can serve as a source of comfort, inspiration, and inner strength. We all need a little guidance or motivation every now and again to help us get back on our feet, and these quotes will serve as an excellent source of energy. We thank Miar for putting this all together for us.

These quotes for  offer a profound sense of insight and wisdom to  spiritual seekers looking to transform their lives. So keep these  close to your heart and let it serve you as a reminder when you need it the most.




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Inspiring Quotes Hazrat Shaykh Hamid Hassan





When a child is born he’s full of strengths and as growing up he develops weaknesses. However, we can cultivate our strength by doing our prayers, Dhikr and try to be closer to Allah (SWT) to become more peaceful, humble, loving, caring, helpful human beings.


Forgiving people is the other face of Allah forgiving you for your own mistakes.


Allah (SWT) gave us the free will except for few things like our birth and death, the family were born in, these things we don’t have any control over it. Therefore, we have the complete responsibility over our actions and decisions, however Allah (SWT) know in advance all the things but that doesn’t deprive us from our will so this is what is written. However, if it was the opposite it would be unfair and unjust and Allah (SWT) is not that. Moreover, in some situations specially bad ones Allah (SWT) may stop us from doing the bad actions like killing or stealing but He (SWT) will still hold us accountable for the intention of doing such an action.


In your spiritual journey, you just need to allow things and practices to happen and surrender


Diet plays a major role in the spiritual journey because it affects our body either positively or negatively, so proper and moderation diet will help us to be physically fit and provide us with more strength and energy to thrive. The kind of diet a person follow isn’t important as much as eating properly and moderation this is the main focus.


Understand with your heart and eventually things will be clear.


The most powerful prayers the ones that are coming from your heart and full of emotions.



Build a friendship relationship with Allah (SWT).

Dhikr is the cleaning machine for our heart.



Being sincere is the key to caring, putting more effort, being determined


Sincerity is a muscle, you need constantly to work, and develop it to grow.


Anxiety, depression may be a result for lacking trust in Allah (SWT).


Time will reveal all the things that Allah hide for you, be patient and don’t lose hope.


Challenges and difficulties are a test for you patient gage.


Your relationship with Allah (SWT) should be based on Love NOT Fear.



Your obedience to Allah should stem from Love.



Fear will weaken your relationship with Allah.


Mistakes are human beings characteristic but the smart ones who ask for forgiveness from Allah after committing sins.

Make asking for forgiveness a habit but with purity and honesty.


Forgiveness is the secret for your prayers to be answered.

Forgiveness is a cleaning tool for your heart impurity.

Loneliness is detaching from the world driven by negative emotions, while solitude is being happy, content and doing it for a purpose.

Allah gave us a free will to decide and do actions, His knowledge of what will happen in advance doesn’t mean losing the will and responsibility of our decision.



During meditations students could have physical experiences like: pain, sensation, tingling, feeling either warm or cold. While some experience spiritual feeling such: see some colors or light, or have some dreams or visions. However, this isn’t what we look for, what’s matter the most is the effect of these practices and the progresses of change in the journey of becoming closer to Allah (SWT), performing the prayers from the heart, and of course developing and improving the quality of the personality’s characteristics.



With the lifestyle changing and the world become bigger, busier and more open people are finding it difficult to make time for practicing different forms of worship and prayers. Therefore, its advised to do specific practices in the small time the people have that could achieve the same spirituality as the long time before.




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