Ramadan Fasting: Why I am not fasting this Ramadan Asma AlBedawi


Ramadan Fasting: Why I am not fasting this Ramadan

Asma AlBedawi




“It is so important that the younger generation realise that there is not a one size fits all, you do not necessarily have to be stereotypically sporty to be good at sports, younger girls can like doing their makeup or playing their guitar and still enjoy being active on the court, pitch or field. You do not have to have the same body, build, skin colour or hobbies as everyone else. Just be you.”

Asma AlBedawi

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Please find below a video by Asma Albedawi.  Asma is a poet, activist and basketball player. She’s actively working to create awareness of eating disorders in Muslim communities. Thank you so much for sharing this video with us.



About Asma:


Asma is a British Sudanese (born in Sudan and raised in England) basketball player and an award-winning spoken word poet. Elbadawi holds a BA Hons in Photography, Video and Digital Imaging and a Masters in Visual Arts. Her dual cultural heritage deeply influences her creativity and her main focus is to challenge and reframe stereotypes for women in sport.




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