Some Gentle Ramadan Recovery Reminders for Ya!


Mevlana Rumi said:

You can’t go after more of a positive quality directly.

Mevalana tells us  what you can do is go after your own blocks and obstacles to your desired positive quality.

Don’t Forget You have this power to beat your ED – now start using it to improve your life and your health.


Dear Readers,


Please find below a very helpful mini Ramadan guide by @birthdaycakefrosting from Indonesia, Some Gentle Ramadan Recovery Reminders for Ya! Thank you for sharing this with us. We absolutely love this unique and personal approach to Ramadan healing and blessings.


Thank you so much for being part of this. Indeed, as we said before, this year is good in great content coming from Muslim professionals and influencers on Eating Disorders and Ramadan Fasting.


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