Ramadan and Eating Behaviors – Research





Dear Readers,

Please find below a very timely research which is being carried out by University of the West of England in the UK.

Please help us spread the word and it will be great if you could take part in this study.


Ramadan and Eating Behaviors – Research



Thank you so much for wanting to share and disseminate our research. We really appreciate it. It would really help us to have as many participants as possible – and you sharing this project on your platform would really help to get this research exposure.

Below I have shared some information about our study as well as attached some images. I hope this is helpful – and let me know if I can share any more information.

A multi-method exploration of the impact of Ramadan on eating patterns and body image on young adult Muslim men

What is the aim of the research?

This research is exploring the impact of fasting during Ramadan on body image, eating behaviours and mental health on young adult Muslim men. We will be collecting information about adult men’s eating behaviours and mental health through a short online survey at the start of Ramadan, and then conducting semi-structured interviews at the end of Ramadan and 1 month later.

Why are we conducting this research?

There is currently very limited research examining the impact of Ramadan on body image, eating behaviours, and mood, especially amongst Muslim men. This study will therefore enhance our understanding of how fasting can impact an individual. Further, this research will help to normalize conversations about mental health and well-being in Muslim communities. Additionally, this research will help us further understand mental health amongst Muslim men, which is severely under-researched at present.

Last year, we followed Muslim women in the UK throughout and following Ramadan. Findings revealed that motivations for fasting were partly related to managing weight concerns, and that fasting in Ramadan helped women maintain restrictive eating habits (study currently under review!). We now want to follow Muslim men, to better understand their motivations for fasting and their experiences of observing Ramadan.

There is currently little to no research looking at mental health of Muslim men – and we hope this research can change that.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in taking part in this research, you can email Farheen Hasan at Farheen.hasan@uwe.ac.uk or register your interest here: https://uwe.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_ac64N6FNxDbHTJc.



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