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Last Year was monumental in creating awareness of Eating Disorders in Pakistan. For the first time ever World Eating Disorder Day event took place in Pakistan. The event was hosted by Dr Madeeha Malik of Hamdard University Islamabad. This year, the whole team under the supervision of Dr Madeeha Malik got together to participate in Nedawareness week 2021.  National Eating Disorders awareness week aims to raise awareness and understanding of eating disorders, challenge stereotypes and stigmas.

This NEDAwareness Week, invitation was for Every Body to Have a Seat at the Table. In a field where marginalized communities continue to be underrepresented, NEDAwareness week welcome conversations on raising awareness, challenging systemic biases, and sharing stories from all backgrounds and experiences.

We share with you some of the highlights from Nedawareness week in Pakistan.  This is such a ground breaking  initiative by the whole team. During the Nedawareness week, we saw interviews, stories of sufferers and activities to take the message of eating disorders far and across Pakistan. This is the first time Nedawareness week has taken place in Pakistan. We thank all the team at Hamadard University for their hard week in making the week happen.




On day one we tried to highlight the stereotypes attached to physical appearance and body shaming in Pakistan by our team.




On day 2 we highlighted the stereotypes with the help of healthcare professionals.




  On day 3 we tried to highlight the stigma attached to body shaming in a funny way.



Day 4 we interviewed the perceptions of general community regarding eating disorders and body shammimg in Pakistan



Day 5 A poster competition was held on two themes related to eating disorders.



Day 6 we launched our plus size clothing pret brand with the name Dhaaga for all sizes and they can customize the designs.


Our brand website



Day 7 An interview on eating disorders awareness.





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