Opinion Piece: Asking A sufferer about Weight Loss Tips



I have all the reasons to give up on myself..
I have all the reasons to give up on my dreams..
To quit.. 
To never believe on the beautiful things around.. 
But I have one thing that pushes me to fight and struggle .. 
Me believing that Allah is watching me..  I want to make him proud..  I want him to see the best of me
I want him to tell all his creatures that ” this is the human I made .. The human that kept me inside the battles he had to face.. “

Trigger Warning: The content below maybe triggering for some readers, as it briefly touches on sensitive topic of weight loss.


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We received this opinion piece from one of our friends in Algeria,Opinion Piece: Asking A sufferer about Weight Loss Tips’.  Sabrina has embarked on a journey to recovery and living and we support each and every step she takes on this journey. Thank you so much for your contribution Sabrina.


As a person recovering  (still) from anorexia, I sometimes find myself in a situation where other people are telling me about their weight loss plans etc.
I’ve even been asked to share weight loss tips. And that’s not cool. I understand people might feel awkward around me because of my past with this illness, but joking about eating disorders or asking for calories in their piece of pie isn’t something to talk about with people in ED recovery.  So if you know someone is recovering from an eating disorder, here’s a few things to remember while having a conversation :
Don’t ask them for weight loss tips. It’s very triggering and anyone who’s recovering from an eating disorder won’t give you any tips. That’s for sure. If you don’t know what to talk about with them, don’t try to make them feel “comfortable ” with talking about something (dieting for example ) they obviously know a lot about. – recovering people want to get rid of everything related to eating disorders , so don’t start a conversation about it if they don’t start it first. -don’t call any food “bad ” or ” good” and don’t talk about “eating clean” -also avoid talking about exercising or how you should start going to gym. -don’t comment on anyone else’s body…at least not with negative words. Don’t joke about eds and for the God sake dont say things like ( i hope I had an eating disorder for a while, at least I can lose some weight ) – don’t tell them ” I haven’t eaten anything the whole day” they’ll only let them feel triggered and bad. 
Eating disorders are not diets, or just “phases” , not things to joke about…Eating disorders kill people every single day.
Be kind, ask how they feel, is there anything you could do, for sure it’s very difficult and frustrating to support someone in recovery but once you see them getting better , it’s all worth it.

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