World Eating Disorders Day June 2: 2020 in Pakistan







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We share with you some of the highlights from World Eating Disorders week in Pakistan. The event is being hosted by Dr Madeeha and her team from Hamdard University Islamabad. Please do check out their activities. We think this is such an excellent initiative by the whole team. There will be interviews, stories of sufferers and activities to take the message of eating disorders far and across Pakistan. This is the first time any such initiative has taken place in Pakistan and we couldn’t be more happier. We thank all the team at Hamadard University for their hard work and dedication (especially in these unprecedented times).










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  1. Muhammad Arshad on

    My daughter miss A she is suffering ED from last year june 2019 when she was 55kg
    now she is 27 kg with no medical illness only some deficiencies found in cbc test
    now she wants to back to normal life but her brain control her wishes to eat but she trying her best with juice and fruits, nuts , meals.
    she wish and need some concealing / therapy with phychitrist

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