Struggling with sugar cravings?



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Please find below a very useful post from HealED by Richard Kerr, ‘Struggling with sugar cravings? ‘ We hope you’ll find the article useful in your journey to recovery and healing.



Struggling with sugar cravings?



Many of you have been in touch with me since the lockdown, 
sharing your stories and your struggles. 

A few of you have shared how you are struggling with sugar cravings.
Sitting around the house all day makes it so easy to grab a sweet or a
snack just to pass the time or to break up the routine. 

That’s the thing, 
We don’t tend to binge on salads. 
We binge on muffins, pies, sweets, fizzy drinks, donuts.
Mostly refined carbohydrates.

This can easily lead to a blood sugar spike and then crash later on. 

Studies show that low blood sugar levels can lead to many issues
including rapid mood swings, reduced reaction times and depression.
In this state we feel groggy, tired and unmotivated. 

The big problem is that low blood sugar levels makes us crave more sugary foods.
Your body will crave what it needs. 
It is an uncontrollable instinct that kicks in when your blood sugar drops. 

These cravings can then lead to another binge on refined carbohydrates,
which leads to another blood sugar crash,
which leads to another binge,
which leads to another crash
and so the cycle continues,
going from one sugar spike to the next,
to the next. 

Sugar leads to more sugar,
to more sugar
to more and more….

So that’s why I am so excited to share this training with you. 

One of our top Binge Code Coaches, Milda is hosting a free live training on sugar cravings. 

It’s called: “3 Surprising Secrets To Ditching Sugar Cravings and Making Healthy Eating Finally Stick “

Places are limited, but if you wish to reserve your space, you can register here:

Some topics covered include: 

  • The major mistake to avoid when banishing sugar cravings for good
  • How to say no to chocolate 
  • Creating food habits that empower
  • How to make healthy eating feel like a natural part of your life, not “just a phase”
  • The simple and most effective strategy to fast-track your habit change

The training is being held at Monday, May 4th 2020 @ 6:00PM BST

Head here to reserve your spot >>

Milda has been coaching with us since 2016. She knows her stuff.
I know you will find this training worth your time. 

Also, keep sharing your stories with me.

I will post some of them out to the newsletter next week.

I think it’s more important than ever that we feel connected
to each others during this time of isolation. 

Stay safe,


Richard Kerr



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