Coronavirus & diet dangers




Coronavirus & diet dangers


“Health is the crown on the well person’s head that only the ill person can see.”

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Please find below  post that we received from HealED, ‘Coronavirus & diet dangers’. This time we have ALi Kerr’s husband here, Richard Kerr and he’s fantastic when it comes to writing about ED and helping people recover from their ED. This is a very timely post and discusses the dangers of diets as well. Please do take a moment to read the article and don’t forget to check out the links and podcasts below.





It’s been a crazy few weeks with
the coronavirus outbreak.

Today, my home country Ireland
has decided to close all schools.
It’s a touch surreal.

Things are escalating fast, so it’s important
to stay informed.

Here are two post I found helpful:
Infectious Disease Expert Michael Osterholm on the Jo Rogan Podcast

And this one:

I hope you find them helpful.

In my last email I shared a study with you
that shows how a diet can lead to an ED.

I remember at the time we were shocked.
We found it hard to believe.

Can a diet really lead to binge eating and bulimia?
Why haven’t we heard this before?
Does this mean that there was nothing
wrong with Ali in the first place?

We dared to hope it was true.

So we researched further.

We discovered that Large-scale studies from Harvard and Oxford universities
have shown that people on restrictive diets can significantly deplete
their serotonin levels within three weeks.

As the brain continues to be starved
this leads to psychological
problems such as:
> obsessive and compulsive behaviour,
> distorted body image,
> depression,
> anxiety,
> general moodiness,
> and poor motivation.

Restrictive eating (that includes – bingeing and purging on food) can cause:
> Your brain chemistry to change.
> The way you think to change.

Simply put…

food restriction makes you miserable.

In fact food restriction can induce
EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM of bulimia and binge eating.

This has NOTHING to do with the way your brain works.

It has NOTHING to do with your personality, your history or your self-esteem.

These things don’t matter.

If the healthiest, happiest person on the planet restricted their
food intake they would make themselves susceptible to becoming bulimic.

To be honest, this was a massive shift in our thinking.

It was difficult to really absorb the implications of what this really meant.

Could it really be true?

Can binge eating and bulimia stem simply from not eating enough food?

I had my doubts.

But after running HealED for the over 10 years I can say with complete confidence.

Yes. This is true.

Time and time again I have seen how
overcoming food restriction goes a LONG
way to stopping binge eating.

It’s a bit shocking isn’t it?

The fact is:
Diets are extremely dangerous.
Nearly all diets fail and diets cause eating disorders.

It’s time we stop blaming ourselves, our poor upbringing, our psychology, our genetics or our fragile self esteem.

The truth is:
Binge eating is not YOUR fault!
You simply didn’t know any better.

You DID NOT KNOW about the
dangers of a restrictive diet.

Just take a moment to let this sink in.

Rather than wondering,
“What’s wrong with me?
Why am I so messed up?”

Rather than despairing and
thinking you are broken.

Realize there is NOTHING WRONG with you.

You are just experiencing the VERY NATURAL AND NORMAL side effects of a restrictive diet.

In the next email will explain why
all of Ali’s previous attempts to
recover failed.

In the mean time, stay safe and
stay informed. 🙂




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