Coaching Q&A: ‘Can I restrict after a binge?




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Please find below an incredible email from Ali Kerr from HealED ‘Coaching Q&A: ‘Can I restrict after a binge?’. Here Ali Kerr answers the most asked and most pressing question in recovery from ED. We hope you’ll find the email below helpful in your journey to healing and recovery.





Coaching Q&A: ‘Can I restrict after a binge?



Here at HealED we have many years’ experience in coaching people from all walks of life through recovery. So I thought it would be a good idea to tap into that knowledge and answer some of the  the most commonly asked questions that our skilled coaches address on a regular basis.


In this email, you’ll learn the answer to the common question:

‘Can I restrict after a binge?’

This question can take different forms:
“Should I detox after too much sugar?”
“Can I skip breakfast if I binged the night before?”
“If I overate in the morning, do I still need dinner?”

You see, the underlying question being asked
here is how to compensate after overeating or binging. 

Let’s look at the science behind what happens
if you do restrict to compensate for a binge.

First, your body will hold onto extra calories if you restrict.
This is your body’s clever way of ensuring your
survival in times of famine, a process known as adaptive thermogenesis. 

Next, your hunger and fullness signals will
be thrown off, which makes it much more
difficult to listen to your body and
know when it’s time to eat or stop eating.

Then, you may experience a blood sugar spike
and crash, which would have been prevented
by eating at least a snack within several hours of your binge.

Your energy levels can plummet, contributing to
physical fatigue and even worsened emotional state.

And finally, you will be more likely to overeat when
you finally feel hungry again, because
it’s been too long since your last meal.

In short, the answer is no.
You should not restrict, fast, detox or cleanse if you’ve had a slip-up.

I know it’s tempting to restrict, especially if you’re feeling
bloated or beating yourself up emotionally,
but trust me, it won’t do anything
but perpetuate the cycle and cause even more binging.

So you can see how restriction only
fuels the binge cycle,
but what can you do instead?

Our advice is to stick with your eating plan
as closely as possible, continuing to
balance your body and find a state of normalcy (known as homeostasis).

Continue eating a balanced structured eating plan
and set a new precedent for
the next time you overeat or binge.

Instead of falling back into a binge and
restrict cycle, you’ll be
one step closer to breaking free. 

Trust me, I know this isn’t easy.

After coaching many people through
this process and going
through recovery myself, I understand
how challenging it is to overcome the urge to
restrict after a binge.

But you can do it. And you’ll be one step closer to intuitive eating.

I hope the next time you’re tempted
to restrict, you’ll think of this advice.

And if you’d like a question answered,
or have any feedback,
we would love to hear from you!



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