When ‘Clean Eating’ Goes Wrong




When Clean Eating Goes Wrong- When an individual feels that they cannot feel good about themselves without eating in a very regimented way, this could be a sign that they have developed a disordered relationship with food. Orthorexia is not currently recognised in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, so diagnosing the condition can be tricky. 


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Please find below a very insightful post by our favorite Ali Kerr ‘When ‘Clean Eating’ Goes Wrong’. In other words clean eating is considered ‘Orthorexia’. We’ve covered this topic before on our blog.  According to Sabrina Barr, reported in Independent ”

The concept of “clean eating” fits perfectly with the culture of perfection perpetuated by social media platforms such as Instagram.

But adhering to the notion that certain foods are “clean” while others are “dirty” can lead to very damaging consequences, causing some people to develop an eating disorder known as “orthorexia”. Described as the “pathological obsession for biologically pure food”, those who suffer from orthorexia often restrict the food that they consume in a very obsessive way. We hope you’ll find the post below useful and informative.





When ‘Clean Eating’ Goes Wrong


Let’s talk about a phrase that has a huge impact for so many people.
The term is ‘Clean Eating’. 

I get it, because I used to try and eat this way myself.

I wanted to choose clean, healthy foods, thinking
that would bring me to my best health,
best self and best body. 

I thought it would make me happy.

You want to know where it led me?
Straight to the misery of an eating disorder.

Sure, I could eat clean for a while,
then I would lose control and overeat.

Then I lost a bit more control
and experienced binging.

Eventually, I had entered full-blown bulimia,
all in an attempt to be healthy.

Days were spent with strict, clean eating,
while evenings were spent binging and purging.

What was wrong with me?

Couldn’t I just follow a clean lifestyle like everyone else?

The truth is, people rarely keep weight off if they
successfully lose it dieting, and they most likely
gain back and continue to gain even more!

There’s something wrong with this system. 
We’re just trying to nourish our bodies with healthy food, right?
So what’s wrong with trying to eat clean?

The problem with focusing on ‘Clean Eating’
is that we’re labeling foods. W
e’re categorizing foods into Clean or Not, Healthy or Unhealthy, Allowed or Off-Limits. 

But what’s the big deal with that?
After all, many foods do have health benefits.

It all comes down to the underlying word that we must avoid: RESTRICTION. 

Trust me, no single food has the inherent
ability to make people unhealthy or cause
weight gain if eaten moderately.

Additionally, no food has the power
to make someone instantly healthy.
In fact, when we learn to listen to our bodies,
we find the right foods at the right times,
in the proper amounts for us. 

Nobody else can tell you how to eat for your own body.
Once you learn the skills needed for intuitive eating,
your body will naturally lead the way.  

Here’s to nourishing your own unique
body in just the way that’s right for you!

Cheers to ‘cleaning out’ these old habits and ways of thinking!
Now that’s a type of clean lifestyle I can get onboard with!

Your friend and coach,




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