Actress Jameela Jamil joins body positivity campaign




A stress which is not typically discussed is body image issues, a mental strain many people encounter every day. This is a mental disorder that has often times gone dismissed as a “normal” phase or feeling in one’s life, especially in their teens and twenties. However, it is the farthest thing from healthy and can lead to extreme depression and anxiety.

With the rise of social media, there has been an unrealistic standard placed on both men and women around what their bodies should look like.


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Please find below an article from Arab News, ‘Actress Jameela Jamil joins body positivity campaign’. “Jameela is known for being quite outspoken about fat-shaming and the unhealthy and unrealistic beauty standards that society imposes on women, making her a natural fit for teaming up with Aerie — a brand that has been a commitment to promote healthy body image. When speaking with Vogue, Jameela also opened up about what has encouraged her to remain outspoken about body image and the role celebrities should play in promoting acceptance.  ‘I was someone who suffered badly from eating disorders and body dysmorphia as a teenager and as someone who was personally affected by what was a tenth of the assault that young women are under now, [that]gives me such a responsibility,’ she said.”

We share the article below for information purpose only. It’s incredible to see renowned names coming forward and taking initiative to speak about their struggles with body image. In last decade, with the popularity of social media, there has been an unrealistic standard placed on both men and women around what their bodies should look like. We are grateful to movements like  #AerieReal which has sparked a worldwide appreciation for the bodies of every woman, of every shape, every size, every color. Though the media glorifies one type of “perfect” body, but the reality is ‘perfect isn’t real’. Our body is important! Through our physicality, we interact with others and express our feelings. Even if we are more than just this external shell, we need to love it to feel at peace with our entire self. One of the movements dedicated to self-care is the “body positive” community which is dedicated to promoting the love and acceptance of your own and others bodies. The goal is to view bodies as beautiful in every way. Join and support their efforts at We encourage you to join the movement and to take care of your self. Your body has a right over you. We thank Jameela Jamil for taking this strong initiative, recently she spoke to Daily Mail and called for a Photoshop ban on all makeup, hair and skincare ads , she said ‘They perpetuate harmful narratives!’.  To read more Click Here. 




Actress Jameela Jamil joins body positivity campaign





DUBAI: British actress Jameela Jamil has just been announced as one of the newest members of a body positivity campaign by American Eagle Outfitters’ sub-brand, Aerie.
“The Good Place” star, who was born to a Pakistani mother and an Indian father in London, has long taken a very outspoken stance against photoshopping and airbrushing in the fashion and entertainment industries and was just picked up by Aerie to star in their Spring 2019 campaign, dubbed the #AerieREAL movement.

The campaign, which was launched in 2014 when model Iskra Lawrence was named as face of the brand, unveiled a new clutch of “#AerieREAL Role Models” late last week.

Actresses Busy Philipps, Jamil and Samira Wiley, as well as gold medal Paralympian snowboarder Brenna Huckaby and YouTube star Molly Burke, have joined the campaign.

“So excited to announce that I am an #aerierolemodel and got to stand next to so many women I love and admire at our completely un-retouched shoot!” Jamil posted on Instagram regarding the announcement. “@Aerie is the first company I have seen dedicate so much energy to inclusion and representation on their website and in their stores and that is something I myself am constantly fighting for,” she added.

Jamil is no stranger to promoting body positivity in the harsh world of Hollywood and founded the “I Weigh” movement in 2018 by launching an Instagram account where she shares inspiring images sent in by followers detailing their accomplishments and positive characteristics, rather than what they weigh.

“@i_weigh is a LIFE positive movement and this campaign reflects exactly that. People of different shapes and sizes coming together as we are to celebrate each other,” Jamil said in relation to the Aerie campaign.

She also released a statement on the brand’s website, saying she has learned to value herself based on her characteristics, rather than her physical attributes — a major step for the star who suffered an eating disorder in her teenage years.

“It’s not that I’m starting to love everything about myself. I’m starting to not care about the things that don’t matter and I do care about the things that do matter, like what kind of a friend I am, what kind of a colleague I am, what I am contributing to the world and society and how I make other people around me feel,” Jamil said in the released statement.


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