How To Stop A Binge In Its Tracks


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Quote on eating disorders: “Don’t let your mind bully your body.”

Eating disorders quote: “No scale can measure how much we are loved or how incredibly precious we are.”



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Please find below a very good tips from Dr Nina on ‘how to stop a binge in its tracks’. These tips are so simple yet so effective. We hope they’ll help you in your journey to recovery and healing.




When that urge to binge strikes, it can feel as impossible to stop as an avalanche.   Luckily, feelings are not facts.  Here’s what to do to bring that binge to a skidding halt:

Delay: Postpone eating for 5-10 minutes when you feel an urge. You’re not saying “no” to yourself and you’re not using willpower. Instead, you’re just giving yourself a little space between wanting to binge and doing so.

Distract: When you’re busy, you might find the desire to snack or eat or binge disappears. Try an activity that helps you express your feelings, such as writing in a journal or venting to a friend.

Distance: Keep out of the kitchen. It’s also a good idea to keep food out of sight. Have nothing edible on your countertops. Put food in a cabinet or pantry. If you don’t see it in front of you, it’s less tempting.

After 5-10 minutes, determine whether you are physically hungry or emotionally hungry. If you’re physically hungry, just about anything sounds good. If you’re emotionally hungry, you hope to feel better after eating.

Decide: The decision is yours, whether you want to binge. If you absolutely must eat something for emotional reasons, use a pre-packaged single serving. That lets you eat what you want but can stop you from bingeing on a family-sized portion.

Remember, wanting to binge does NOT mean that you will binge.   You can put the brakes on.



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