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Lahara; We Are One is the first part of the Lahara series, a magical and profound saga, which explores the meaning of our lives and our dreams. Filled with adventure and mysticism, Lahara uses her unique gift of interpreting dreams to uncover the reality of true oneness within the world. When Lahara’s best friend Emma dies in mysterious circumstances, Lahara’s life takes a transformational turn. Lahara’s closure lies in fulfilling her last promise to her best friend, to write a book about her dreams. Her book-writing journey takes Lahara from away from her Islamic family in London and her beloved, disabled sister Naira. She travels the world, from India, Iran, Jerusalem, Saudi Arabia, to New Zealand, Bali and Australia and learns to understand the spirituality of her inherited family religion. But can her religion and her spirituality join forces to live a life aligned with her true, life purpose? In the quest to find the right man for her, Lahara discovers a deeper purpose and follows her gift of dream interpretation to help her make choices in her complicated romantic life. Set against the mysterious thread of symbolic dreams and interpretations, applied to everyday life – from the modern dating culture, to our roles in our career and our interactions with friends and family- Lahara discovers that to understand her own truth, she must first unearth several dark secrets. Can our gifts be used to mislead other people? Is finding the husband of her dreams the right path for her? How did Emma actually die?

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Wishing Everyone a very Blessed 2019. We want to start 2019 with a high positive note and we are very pleased to bring you our Golden Pearls of Wisdom from fantastic and very inspirational Young Lady Nuzhat Jahan. In recent times she has become one of our main supporters of this work. We can never thank Nuzhat enough for all she does for us. We wish her luck in all her endeavours.  Lahara also touches on Eating Disorders and Nuzhat will be covering this subject further in her future work.



“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring ~that she lovingly gives; the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.” ~

Audrey Hepburn



About the author: 


Nuzhat Jahan completed her Hajj in 2017, with her parents. She was born in Fiji and moved to New Zealand when she was eleven years old. She attained her Bachelor degrees in Law and Philosophy at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and has more than seven years’ experience dealing with contracts, and property. She also studied Philosophy and Sharia Law. She speaks Hindi, Urdu, writes and reads Arabic, and is also learning to speak Arabic.
Nuzhat became an international qualified life coach in 2015, and started coaching millennial clients, dealing with the issues stemming from today’s dating culture. Her first book was inspired by the people Nuzhat met in London and throughout her twenties, as well as her experiences of high suicide rates in London, loneliness, a dating culture with little meaning and travelling through the dark tunnels of London’s underground system. Nuzhat’s dreams have inspired this story and several of her true life dreams are included. She started interpreting dreams, for close friends and family, and as a way to learn this skill, taking account of the person’s religious beliefs, culture, race, age and circumstances. Personally, Nuzhat has had robust dream experiences, which started to come true in her real life. This led her to complete more extensive research about dream interpretation, visiting countries including, Lebanon, Jordan, Jerusalem, Palestine, Turkey, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and others enroute. Her dream interpretation skills stem from an Islamic perspective, but her research also includes assessing other major world religions. Nuzhat discovered many similarities between world religions and the reoccurring concept of Oneness became close to her heart. Nuzhat believes that dreams are a way of developing characters and for removing blocks from a person’s life. She wants to empower people to understand dreams and to harness their intuition through dream work; to give rise to understanding dreams better and how they can potentially help a person lead a better life.


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Lahara ‘We are One’ is the first book of the Lahara series. Lahara is a young Muslim woman brought up in London.

She is multi-cultured and on cross roads of her Islamic lifestyle verses the western living. The pressures of finding the one, family, career, and finding ones own identity in this multi faceted world.

Can her religion of Islam keep Lahara safe and protected? Will she know who her soulmate is? How does one heal from the hurt of heartbreaks?

This book was written to share love and to help a person heal. Some quotes to prove how.

With love.

Pg 43 ‘If a person takes one good thing to focus on, the world can be a better place’.

Pg 70 ‘Forgive everyone before going to bed every night. You don’t know who will wake up tomorrow. At least your soul will be at peace’.

Pg 49 ‘Dear one, without pain how can you become strong?’.

Pg 70 ‘Time is the greatest gift you can give’.

Pg 79 ‘You can’t blame anyone for your life. You must learn to control your own life. Speak your truth’.

Pg 80 ‘Our own fears block us from getting to our happiness.’

Pg 80 ‘Suffering is unavoidable in life. But how you choose to respond develops your growth’.

Pg 97 ‘But everything that happens in our life plays a part. Every pain has a role to play. God has written everyone their share of pain and God wouldn’t inflict pain on anyone, any more than they can bare’.

Pg 108 ‘The Japanese believe a person has three faces. The first one they show to the world, the second they show to their close friends and family and the third they don’t show anyone’.

Pg 110 ‘Life is like two sides of a coin, when it is against you, be patient and when it is for you, be humble’.- Imam Ali

Pg 111 ‘Dreams are the windows to our souls…’

pg 190 ‘Yes, we must learn to be mindful of our present moment. If you need to meditate, protect your energy and clear your mind. Whatever you do in life, do it with love. People who bring you down, forgive them but distance yourself also, in time they will learn their own lessons.’

pg 190  ‘We get caught up in the past life and knowing the future that we forget to live and enjoy the present, like things like this, being grateful for having loving parents.’

pg 154 ‘Time is always perfect. There is always a reason for everything, we need to learn, grow and make mistakes to become ready for our ultimate destiny.’

pg 70 ‘In the end people only remember how a person made them feel. Not how much they earned, or what they achieved. What matters the most is how we loved’.

pg 130 ‘Whether we like it or not, the greatest of planners, Allah knows better.’

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