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“It took me a long, long time to realize we are not meant to be perfect; we’re meant to be whole.”

— Jane Fonda

“Everyday men, women, and adolescents take their first steps on this journey. Dramatic changes do happen.”

~ Joe Herzanek


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Please find below a very inspiring message from Recovery Coach Ali Kerr  on ‘I must be perfect’.  With my ED recovery I learned to give up on trying to be perfect. Perfection is limiting; it cuts us off from what we’re capable of doing, giving, receiving, and becoming. I find the message below by Ali Kerr very inspiring. Our message?:  you don’t need to be perfect, just who you are in your wholeness. We’re powerful and we don’t need to be perfect to own that.


“It took me a long, long time to realize we are not meant to be perfect; we’re meant to be whole.”

— Jane Fonda


Ali Kerr Bulimia Help


I want to talk to you about the desire to be perfect.
This is something that is very common amongst problem eaters.

It’s normal to want to be perfect.
The concept of it sounds wonderful,
but the reality is a very different story.

We don’t want to make mistakes or allow exceptions.
There’s no grey area between finishing victoriously and failing miserably.
If we fail at all, we fail hard.

It’s either sticking to the ‘right’ foods all the time and under all circumstances,
or eating everything that we find in the cupboard.

Such perfectionism often becomes a huge obstacle in recovery.

It’s time to let go of perfectionism.
It’s not real.
Newsflash: You’re flawed and so is everyone else.

Instead let’s aim for a “learning mindset”.
Life is a process of ups and downs,
Allow yourself to learn and grow from these experiences.

Allow yourself to make mistakes.
Mistakes are a normal part of everyday life.
Setbacks are often a necessary step toward success.

If you’re going to get better, you have to push yourself.
If you push yourself, you’re going to fall.
If you’re not falling, you’re not pushing.
Falling is part of getting better.

So allow yourself to fail.
Learn from the experience.
What you discover along the way is valuable.


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