Illness is some form of external searching.  Health is inner peace.

Learn to be quiet in the midst of turmoil, for quietness is the end of strife, and this is the journey to peace.

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Please find below one of the most incredible posts by our support/readers in Middle East. Thank you so much for this incredible work.

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‘It is rather gob smacking how the media channels all its efforts in order to strip humans not only out of their clothes but out of their humanity and intuition. You might have heard about the BMI charts and how you have to be in a certain range so you can match their image of “perfection”.’


Now what they don’t tell you are the unstable sides of this equation.  In fact it is so unstable that as the sun of a new morning in the year of 1998 rose, 25 million people found themselves awake, ready to roll and… OVERWEIGHT. “Woah, I am not following, how can 25 million Americans gain so much weight all together, in a matter of hours?” Yeah, I can see where the confusion may lie. But the truth is that none of them had gained any weight, all they gained was a label, the ones whose health was good, long behold, HAD STAYED GOOD.

      -“Under the proposed guidelines, which are to be announced later this month by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 25 million more Americans would be considered overweight — including two baseball third-basemen: Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves and Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles.” 

Dear reader, the truth of the legitimacy of the matter is that if you go to your GP and they were like “Ooh man! I am sorry to tell you that your BMI is above the normal range. I am afraid you are going to need to shed some pounds. We just want you to be safe from some really bad diseases!” It is the same as them saying “Ooh man! I am sorry to tell you that you are a few centimeters above the average height among your age range. I am afraid we are going to have to cut your head or feet so you’d be safe from all those deadly diseases!”

That is because the BMI does not tell you how malnourished you are, does not tell you how good or bad your health is and it does not tell you how healthy you are! I mean you wouldn’t lose weight just because 2+2=4 and not 3, so why do we feel the need to lose weight because of a mathematical equation between our height and weight? The only reason we should ever lose weight is… WE SHOULDN’T!! All we need to do is make lifestyle modifications! If you have diabetes, it is not because of your weight, it is because of the unhealthy food you eat, having too much fat is also because you eat unhealthy food.

Being a Muslim myself, I wanted to reflect on how my religion views this “weight” problem. And guess what I found out *drumroll* I found no set number nor did I find any set body shape. All I found are guides on eating moderately as we are asked to fill our stomachs 1/3rd with food, 1/3rd with water and leave 1/3rd for our breaths. We are guided to eat as a means to worship the All Mighty and not to see food as our aim. And a mind that is preoccupied with food is ill (except when we are in recovery, as those thoughts are coming from your body and not the devil! also they do go away and only do you good long term). We do see that through eating disorders, they are all illnesses and one of the symptoms is being preoccupied with food! Why shouldn’t we see food as an aim? That’s because our aim in life should be to worship our creator. Why might that benefit you? Well nothing more than a healthy body, a mind that’s preoccupied with Allah and then all the blessings you have (good knowledge, family, etc.) and a heart that is filled with love for Allah first then our Prophet Mohammed S.A.W. then your family. Moreover, money spent on binge or binge/purge food along with all the medical bills wouldn’t be a burden anymore!  Especially if (like me) you hate doctors or hospitals (or dental visits… ouch!) we wouldn’t be going as much anymore!


Choosing recovery would recover your health, sanity and life. You are not alone. A man? A father? still not alone.

A mother? A son? A daughter? Nope, not alone. A grandma? A grandpa? Yup, you deserve help too!



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