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My entire life I’ve felt not good enough.

Can you relate?

I’ve found that EVERY SINGLE PERSON I’ve ever coached over the years has felt this EXACT SAME WAY.

It’s one of those Universal Limiting Beliefs that we all believe, feel and experience on some level.

We all have this deep seated belief that “I’m just not good enough.”

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My entire life I’ve felt not good enough.

Can you relate?

I’ve found that EVERY SINGLE PERSON I’ve ever coached over the years has felt this EXACT SAME WAY.

It’s one of those Universal Limiting Beliefs that we all believe, feel and experience on some level.

We all have this deep seated belief that “I’m just not good enough.”

Or maybe it manifests for you in some version of this, like—

“I’m not smart enough.”

“I’m not good looking/handsome/pretty enough.” 

“I’m not skinny/fit enough.” 

“I’m not rich/successful enough.” 

“I’m not disciplined enough.”

“I’m not a good enough mother / father / son / daughter / friend / etc.” 

“I’m not X enough….” Fill in the blank with your pick of poison.

***What is it for you, that at your CORE, holds you back the MOST?***

Most of us will find a variation of this limiting belief showing up in many areas of our lives.

Are you aware of where it shows up for you?

Many times our limiting patterns of behavior will reflect our level of “not-enough-ness.” 

What do you find yourself doing in response to this unconscious belief around not being good enough?

For example:

–>If you don’t feel like you’re thin enough, you’ve constantly been seeking and searching out ways to “feel good enough” through how your body looks. 

You hate/don’t accept your body and try everything to lose weight, which your failed attempts only fuel the ‘not good enough’ belief even more.

–> If you don’t feel like you’re rich/successful enough, you’ve been on an eternal quest to accumulate enough money, accolades, or success so that you can finally get to some point where you “feel good enough” through these external pursuits. 

But whenever you do get what you were working so hard for, it feels empty and unsatisfying, so you set another goal, thinking at some point you will finally feel enough, but it never seems to happen.

–> If you don’t feel you are good enough in any of the many roles you play, such as husband / wife / mother / sister / brother / etc, then you will constantly be trying to please these people in order to gain approval and acceptance, so you can finally feel as it you are “good enough” for them. 

Even this backfires on you, because when you do the things others want to do, you sacrifice yourself in the process, which only leads you to becoming resentful and not being true to yourself.

Of course, these are only a few examples 🙂

Where do you feel not good enough in your life? 

When does it show up for you?

And how does it have an impact on your behavior?

What you will find is that these patterns of behavior that show up in response to this limiting belief of “I’m not good enough” will always come from a place of fear and lack.

They come from a place of fear because you are always afraid of something— afraid of what others think, afraid of being rejected, afraid of losing love, afraid of being hurt, betrayed or abandoned. 

When you react coming from this energy of fear, insecurity and not-enough-ness— you will NEVER create what you actually desire.

Fear, lack, not-enough-ness, will only create more of the same. It will actively REPEL a life of fulfillment, peace, happiness and joy from within.

As long as you are coming from a place of fear, it will never give you the love, acceptance, freedom, joy and abundance of feeling “good enough” that you desire.

Make sense?

What is also interesting to note is that this limiting belief also pushes you OUT OF ALIGNMENT with your true self.

This drive to finally feel good enough, be good enough, have enough, and do enough, is literally at the core of SO many of our limiting patterns.

When you feel and believe at your core that “I am not good enough” — it creates a life that is NOT IN ALIGNMENT with who you really are.

What would happen if you actually believed and felt with EVERY FIBER OF YOUR BEING — that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH exactly as you are?!

–>How would that change your relationships?

–>How would that change how you treat yourself and your body?

–>How would that change your career and how you show up at work?

–>How would that change your life?

I know for me it creates a tangible and IMMEDIATE SHIFT when I realize I am coming from a place of “not-enough-ness.”

Let me just say— this belief has created ALL SORTS of problems in my life.

I definitely am not perfect and do NOT have them all sorted out yet either (I don’t think we EVER really will!!) but it is SO important to begin to become conscious of WHERE THESE BELIEFS ARE SHOWING UP IN YOUR LIFE.

The first step in change is always AWARENESS.

Today, I want you to notice when this belief comes up for you.

–>Notice how you feel— it might be a tightness in your chest, or butterflies in your stomach, or a heaviness in your shoulders. You might feel as if you shrink or constrict, or pull away from those around you. 

–>Start to become aware of your internal sensations when you notice you are reacting from a place of fear, lack and “I-AM-NOT-ENOUGH-NESS.”

–>Ask yourself in those moments— “How would I feel if I just FELT GOOD ENOUGH right now?”

–>Actively practice shifting this energy— I drop into this energy and feel how it feels to just FEEL GOOD ENOUGH right now. Exactly as I am.

When I do this, my energy immediately lifts. I stand up straighter. I breathe deep and put a smile on my face.

I remind myself that at my core, I AM LOVE. I AM LOVED.

There is NOTHING about who I am that is unlike love, and therefore I am INHERENTLY ENOUGH.

Who you are underneath it all— is ENOUGH, is WORTHY and DESERVING of all the good things in life.

Feeling good enough is one of those feelings and beliefs that doesn’t just come NATURALLY in the areas we struggle with.

We must practice them. 

We must shift our energy and attention to attune to the LOVE that is deep within your heart. 

It is WHO YOU REALLY ARE and what you came here to do.

To BE the shiny, amazing, bright light that YOU ARE!


You are BEAUTIFUL in all your ENOUGH-NESS!

And there is NOTHING and NO ONE that can prove it otherwise.

Sure, you may have been told that, or taught that you weren’t enough. But deep down inside, you know that is just UNTRUE.

There’s NO ONE in this world that isn’t enough— we are ALL equal, we are ALL good enough, we are ALL one at our core— and we are all DIVINE.

And so when you find this belief coming up for you— because you will— do yourself a favor, and practice SHIFTING IT.

Breathe deep and release all that is unlike love in that moment.

Come back to the TRUTH— that “I AM ENOUGH.”

Trust me, if you start practicing just this ONE SIMPLE THING— it will start to have a positive impact on EVERY AREA of your life.

Try it and see!!

The world needs YOU in all your ENOUGH-NESS.

It is time to OWN it, BELIEVE it and LIVE it.

You are enough.




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