6 Helpful Lessons to Move Forward in 2018

healing for Ed

“A man is not finished when he’s defeated; he’s finished when he quits.

~ Richard M. Nixon

                          Hands reaching for the sky

Hands reaching for the sky

When we intentionally open to the possibility that the realization of our goals may look different that what we are presently considering, it helps us recognize the opportunities and avenues that He puts in our way and allows us to say YES to them.

Dear Readers,
Please find below a very inspiring post on new year, 2018 from healing for ED. Lauren spreads hope for recovery from ED.  Please visit the link below to become part of unique recovery program.

6 Helpful Lessons to Move Forward in 2018


 healing for Ed
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Are you SO glad that 2017 is over?!  I know I am!!  This year has been challenging to say the least, BUT DEEPLY DEEPLY TRANSFORMATIONAL.
Always for the higher purpose– there is always meaning behind our pain, and gems of wisdom that we can extract from our struggles in order to help us move forward in faith and trust.
The challenges we face are to help us stretch beyond our limits and help us step into the next greatest version of ourselves.
These past few days I have been reflecting back on my 2017 year and wanted to share with you six of my biggest and most powerful lessons that will help you move forward along your path as we begin to invite in the new energies of 2018.


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P.S.  Have you set your New Years Intentions yet?  What is it that you are ready to step into, embody and truly embrace in 2018?  If you’ve got BIG DREAMS and you are ready to make them HAPPEN this year, then this message is for YOU!!! 
I am excited to announce that I am opening up 3 new spots in my Private Mentoring Program starting this week– so if you are READY for change and you want to PLAY BIG IN 2018, then let’s chat– Hit reply on this message and let me know what 3 big intentions you are ready to create in 2018!!!
There is no better time to make a change in your life then RIGHT NOW.  Let’s be honest, it doesn’t NEED to be the beginning of the year to make a change.  But the energy is fresh and ripe, and you have the opportunity each and every day to make a new choice to change your life.
Whatever it is you are going through, it doesn’t matter.  What DOES matter is your willingness to dive deep within yourself, being brave enough to say what it is you actually want, and having the COURAGE to take ACTION on manifesting your BIGGEST DREAMS into reality.
I’m here to help guide you and show you the way.
I would be honored to do this work together!
So hit reply now and let me know what 3 BIG INTENTIONS you want to create in 2018, and we’ll hop on the phone to chat about how we together can turn your dreams into REALITY.
I can’t wait to watch your life transform as we dive deep to discover your soul’s calling and how you can align with your deepest dreams, purpose and passion for your life.
Message me now and let’s begin this beautiful journey together, !!
Here’s to a spectacular 2018!!!! xo
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