We all struggle at times





We grow because we struggle, we learn and overcome.

R. C. Allen

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Please find below another post from Ali Kerr on the struggles we face in our journey to recovery and healing. Recovery is a time for readjusting to life without ED behaviors.  Ali is right, we all struggle at times and this is simply part of our recovery process. Achieving and maintaining recovery requires changes in your lifestyle, relationships, coping skills and every other area of your life. All of this change makes people in early recovery particularly vulnerable to relapse. We hope you’ll find the post below inspiring and please don’t forget to check out recovery program and personal coaching session Heal Ed has to offer.




Ali Kerr Bulimia Help

One thing I’ve always promised is to be real with you. The past few weeks for me have been — how shall we say… a stress debacle. Which includes but is not limited to:

  • Standard-issue family crisis
  • A steady stream of sickness
  • A health scare from one of my kids (they’re totally fine, phew!)
  • Never-ending external demands 

I’ll bet you’ve had times like this, too.

Times when things are really, really hard, despite your best efforts.
Times when you’re tirelessly trying to keep it all going — working, creating, listening, helping, responding, emailing, planning, learning, consuming and, on some level, performing.

And then on top of all this madness you’ve got your food issues to deal with too!

When you’re in the midst of a storm, it’s easy to feel weak and ashamed.
As though you’re grossly under qualified to do this thing called life.

It’s also easy to look at people you admire and assume they’ve somehow gotten past these kind of crises.
You might mistakenly believe that all the meditation and morning rituals and butter coffee have somehow given them an impenetrable forcefield against the unexpected dramas of life.

I’m here to report, that’s just not true.

We all get stuck in fear and pain sometimes.
We all can feel like we’re drowning in demands.
We all can feel demoralized and disheartened.
This is very normal.
We are all human.

You and I are made of up of the same stuff.

So whatever you might be wrestling with right now, know that in spirit, I’m walking hand in hand with you, by your side.

And, without a doubt, my heart knows that as long as we take one step at a time, we’re both going to be just fine.






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