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When I say I don’t feel ready for recovery, it isn’t that I don’t want to feel or get better. I do.I hate that even any small change can make me feel like I am constantly tripping and spinning at the same time. I hate feeling like I am constantly trying to catch up, only to realize that, just when I feel like I’ve caught up, I still have so far to go.

Recovery involves change. This is no secret. You want change at this point. Anything is better than the stagnation ED provides. However there is also security and comfort in the routine thoughts and actions surrounding ED use. Don’t let stepping outside this comfort zone keep you from continuing with recovery. As you mentally prepare for treatment, you will begin to think about change and about life after recovery. You may worry about what the future holds. It is okay to be afraid and to worry. These are natural reactions to change. It is not okay to let this fear take over and reverse your decision to get well. Stay mentally prepared for rehab by remembering why you want treatment. Make lists of the pros and cons of continued ED use. Ask friends and family members to help you stay motivated.

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I get many messages from people saying they are not ready for recovery. I remember when I was forced into treatment and I remember the shock I went through very well.  I wasn’t ready for treatment. I wanted to recover but I hated not knowing When I say I don’t feel ready for recovery, it isn’t that I don’t want to feel or get better. I do. I hate the constant roller coaster of emotions I experience on a daily basis. I hate not knowing how I’ll feel when I wake up — will I cry the second I realize I am actually in treatment, gaining weight? Or will I just be OK? Will I feel intense emotional pain? Will I have a panic attack? Or will I experience some other emotion I’m probably not even aware exists yet? Prior to treatment, I was very comfortable in my torturous existence. I knew no other life. But once I relapsed and went back into recovery , I was more than ready to defeat the Demon of ED. All I can say is, beginning treatment as soon as possible is always best. As long as you remain mentally prepared,  nothing much can derail your recovery. Preparing yourself involves staying focused, relaxed and informed. It involves maintaining your commitment to starting a ED free life. Please find below inspiring post from Ali Kerr from Heal ED. Here Ali gives you mental exercise to prepare for recovery. Also those of you who want to recovery under a guidance of ED coach. Please do check out Ali’s website. she’s got a fantastic team of recovery coaches.







How to be mentally prepared


Here is something I want you to try out.

Tonight, (or first thing in the morning),
take 5 minutes to think about the day ahead.

Think about what the day looks like,
your appointments, your work commitments and
especially your meal times.

Then, take a moment to visualize your day going smoothly.
See everything going according to plan.
Imagine yourself calm and in control around food.
Notice how relaxed and steady you feel,
At the same time keep it realistic.

Now, this is the important part…
I want to you visualize an unexpected challenge arising.

For example, someone at work brings in a box of donuts and
you feel triggered or you get into a row with your partner.

Then visualise yourself staying calm
and in control despite the unexpected challenge.

Visualise yourself gently managing any triggering feelings.
See yourself overcoming the challenge.
Try to make the imagery realistic, precise and vivid.

That’s it.

This is called mental rehearsal.
It’s a simple tool, but many find it very effective.




I think it ends up working so well because it helps you experience
a situation before it happens so you feel more prepared.

Try it out and see if it works for you.

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P.S I’m not sure if you have seen this yet,
This is a little 5 minute video where our clients talk about how their lives have changed after recovery.


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