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“It’s still hard explaining what it was like to people who didn’t experience it. I think most people think I’m exaggerating. I’ve gotten to used to it, over time, but it still stings and recovery is mostly a lonely process..”

                        Adele, age 42

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Please find another inspiring post by Ali Kerr from Heal ED. I’ve been getting lots of emails on how ED fills a hole in their lives and how addictive their ED is. People who have never had a problem with ED often find it hard to understand what makes sufferer or a person in recovery chase after ED. The disease of ED starts long before the person decides to use ED behaviours. It starts with an inner emptiness that feels like it can’t be filled. As a layperson who’s been on this journey herself—and who’s sought professional help—my understanding has been enriched by decade of struggles and relapses. Eating Disorder simply kills and destroys. Eating Disorder changes the brain. Our nervous system including the limbic brain needs exposure to crucial experiences to drive its growth. With ED we are forever stuck in one limbo and we keep spinning in a vicious circle where we harm ourselves. The heart of the problem of a sufferer is a desperate belief that achieving a certain body image or giving into demands of ED will make everything better. If you have this hole in your heart, you may work tirelessly to fill it until you find what works.  The more obsessive your relationship is with the ED, the more likely the behaviour is a problem and not a solution. In simple words, ED kills and destroys and will never fill a hole in your heart. To stay in recovery, you have to learn to cope with life’s pain and challenges in healthy ways. That starts with learning to trust and respect yourself. Recovery involves learning to experience all your feelings, good and bad, rather than run from them. You are strong enough to go through the pain. You can learn to accept and love yourself no matter what you do. And that’s what I truly believe.

I hope you’ll enjoy this uplifting post from Heal ED.

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Don’t be fooled by ED


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You have more inner strength than you know.

In Southeast Asia, elephants are still used as a mode of transportation. Tourist are often amazed at the fact that the elephant handlers use small ropes tied to the ground with tiny sticks to keep an elephant in place.

The reason this works is because the handlers tie the elephants to huge trunks with large ropes when they are young. The young elephants pull and tug and fight until they tire out, and they soon learn that they cannot move when tied up.

The handlers then use increasingly smaller ropes and sticks, but the elephants never tug at them. Their conditioning has taught them that they simply cannot move when tied up.

Imagine one of the strongest animals in the world, constrained by something that the smallest child could break free of.

Don’t let ED fool you into thinking you are not strong enough to break free. You are stronger than you know.

Binge eating is biological condition – it’s in your body. And like a sprained muscle or broken bone, it can happen to anyone, and anyone can recover from it. If your diet is deficient in nutrition you will binge, this will happen to anyone on the planet.

The truth is the binge urge has nothing to do with you, your upbringing, your emotions or your self-esteem, your intelligence, your strength, your character, or any other aspect of who you are. You are not weak, broken or faulty because you cannot stop bingeing on food. You are just experiencing the very natural and normal side effects of a deficient diet.

I know I keep coming back to this but really, you must nourish your body. Once your body is biologically nourished, emotional binges won’t be anywhere near as satisfying. Nourish your body and you will feel emotionally stronger. From this place of biological nourishment and emotional strength you will be best able to tackle any emotional issues you may have. 

You are stronger than you know. 
Trust me. You can do this!
You can be free.

In health a love, 


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