Recovery 3 of 5: A Simple strategy to reduce the intensity of a binge!






A Simple strategy to reduce the intensity of a binge! 

Although there is still more research needed on the causes of binge-eating disorder. Binge-eating disorder often starts with a diet, which may be meant to help the person regain self-esteem and control. We believe that a combination of social influences learned eating habits, childhood experiences and food addictions are major culprits to the cause of binge-eating disorder. Those who struggle with binge-eating and compulsive over-eating have been shown to report mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Recent research has found that binge-eating is by far the most common eating disorder, with rates showing that 1 in 35 adults suffer from Binge-eating Disorder (2.8%). This rate is almost twice the combined rate for Anorexia (0.6%) and bulimia (1%). The National Eating Disorder Association has reported that approximately 25 million more are struggling with binge eating disorder. As with many other eating disorders, binge-eating often involves secretiveness and shame associated with the eating habits, which is why many people do not seek help.

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I am very pleased to bring you Email 3 of 5 in Healing series by brilliant Catherine liberty. Here Catherine gives us insight into a much needed strategy to reduce the intensity of a binge. I love her strategies and they really work. Please take a moment to read through this fabulous Email and don’t forget to watch the video.



A Simple strategy to reduce the intensity of a binge! 



So many of us view recovery in very strict, black and white terms. We’re either having a “good day” (typically this means we’re relapse free) or a “bad day” (filled with relapses and binges), with no real in-between.


A big part of my job as a recovery coach is to challenge this “all or nothing” perspective because in truth, progress can be made during recovery, even on the days when you have relapsed and even… wait for it… when you are in the middle of a relapse!


In this short video I’m going to let you in on one of my favourite recovery strategies for reducing the severity of your binges. It may sound extremely simple but it’s based in the practice of mindfulness and this one little change really can help you to feel stronger, more secure, and more resilient in your recovery.


Click the link below to watch the video:


So take a look and let me know what you think!


Catherine 🙂



Catherine Liberty BSc (Hons), PgCert, MBPSs.|
Trainee Health Psychologist
HealED Recovery Coach

(Work with me 1-1 to recover from bulimia)


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