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Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies. 

Frank Gillette Burgess

Our bodies are our gardens our wills are our gardeners. 

William Shakespeare

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. 

Jim Rohn

Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do. 

Mark Twain


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Please find below our new post on healing your Eating Disorder with Alternative therapies. Tis time we bring to you cupping therapy. We hope you’ll find this therapy helpful in your journey to healing and recovery.  




Cupping medical aid has been around for thousands of years with analysis back to the time of old (400 BC).


Earliest record of cupping is traced to the illustrious intellect and healer Gee Hong (281-341 AD).  Cupping therapy is an ancient variety of practice of medicine within which an expert puts special cups on your skin for many minutes to make suction. Individuals dig for several functions, together with to assist with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a kind of deep-tissue massage.

The oldest recorded medical textbook written around 1550 before Christ in Egypt mentions concerning cupping. The vacuum impact targets areas of skin and deep tissue inside the rear, that is helpful for dulling pain, breaking apart deep connective tissue, and quiet tender muscles or animal tissue.

Cupping is AN ancient methodology of treatment whereby a glass or cup is placed on the body surface and a vacuum is formed and toxins or morbid material is sucked out from the deeper tissues or the pathological organs of the physique.

Back then, cups were made of animal horns, clay pots, brass cups, and bamboo.

Nowadays, cups are being created out of additional sturdy materials, resembling glass or heat-resistant plastic, ceramic ware and rubber.

Cupping healers throughout the years have with success treated a range of symptoms and diseases that couldn’t be cured by typical strategies, colds, back pains, muscle spasms and pinched nerves. Historically cupping has conjointly been utilized in patients with blood disorders (like anaemia), rheumatic diseases like inflammatory disease, fertility issues, and mental diseases.

There are many completely different cupping techniques employed by practitioners nowadays. Whereas cupping mistreatment fireplace is that the commonest sort (usually known as “dry cupping”), two known but less practices are “bleeding cupping” and “wet cupping.” Heated so cooled cups are the standard thanks to produce suction, however the vacuum impact may be created with a mechanical pump that is employed in most wet cutting techniques.

Helps cut back pain, promotes relaxation, boosts skin health, treat metastasis problems and colds, and improves digestion. These are the foremost well-liked technique for cupping, known as “dry cupping” or “fire cupping.

Generally a special cupping “torch” is employed to light-weight the cups, lit safely, or in alternative cases, the cups are heated in quandary or oil. The cups contract whereas on the patient’s skin, that causes suctioning, therefore the skin is then forced into the cup, stretching out skin tissue and up blood flow that facilitates healing. Wet cupping, or “bleeding cupping” as it’s generally known as, is not a fireplace rather, it involves drawing the patient’s blood employing a pump. Wet cupping involves “blood-letting,” sometimes by creating a little incision into the patient’s skin before the cup is applied and blood is drawn.





According to a Hadith showing in Sahih Bukhari, the Prophet is quoted to own same that there are not any remedies equivalent to cupping or cupping. Cupping is understood as Hijaamah which implies reducing the size i.e., to cup the body back to its original state of nature.

The Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) too is alleged to own used this medical aid called Al- Hijaamah and he even went as far as paying the persons that applied this medical aid on him. Historically cupping has been considered a good treatment for variety of musculo-skeletal disorders and as general live to take care of and promote.  Therefore cupping medical care is indicated for variety of issues starting from eye ill, headache, arthritis, sciatica, gout, piles, constipation, catamenial issues, female internal reproductive organ cramps, back pain, asthma, cold, blood disorders, physiological condition, unhealthy veins to mention a few.
Wet cupping is additionally referred to as Al-Hijamah or healthful hemorrhage. The primary documented uses are found within the teachings of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.] Consistent with Muhammad al-Bukhari, Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj Nishapuri and Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Muhammad approved of the Hijama (cupping) treatment.
Hijaamah comes from the basis al-hajm, which implies “sucking”, According to the research and the doctors are agreed that cupping in the second half of the month, especially in the third quarter, is more beneficial than cupping at the beginning or end of the month. The most efficacious cupping is that which is done at the second or third hour, after having intercourse or taking a bath, etc., and neither on a full nor empty stomach. With regard to specific days for administering cupping, it was reported in a hadeeth narrated from Ibn ‘Umar by Ibn Maajah that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

‘Administer cupping, may Allah bless you, on Thursdays, and administer cupping on Mondays and Tuesdays, but avoid cupping on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.’

Al-Khallaal reported that Ahmad disliked cupping on the days mentioned. It was said that a man was treated with cupping on a Wednesday and he developed leprosy because he ignored the hadeeth.

It is clear from the above that the ahaadeeth which specify a particular time, when taken as a whole, indicate that there is a basis for this, especially since the words of the doctors are in agreement with it. If the seventeenth or nineteenth or twenty-first of a hijri month happens to be a Thursday, this is the best possible time for cupping, but this is not to say that it is not good to do it at other times. We ask Allah to help us and you to follow the Sunna. May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad.

However, as a form of medical treatment, cupping should not be restricted to any particular time; it should be done as needed by the patient. It is essential to make sure that you do it properly; cupping should be done by one who is experienced and he or she should use instruments that are properly cleaned and sterilized. The cupper must also ensure that no blood reaches the stomach of the patient.


Cellulite causes body dissatisfaction and discomfort in women both physically and mentally. Today there is always awareness and consciousness on how one looked and a lot of attention has been geared towards the culture of appearance and attractiveness, most especially in women. The power of the media has tremendously, consciously and unconsciously affected and raised promotion in body image, self-confidence and self-criticism. This facts undoubtedly can cause eating disorders and eventual results of the presence of deadly disorders in victims, low self-esteem and confidence.

Stigmatisation turns in associated by poorer body image and psychosocial functioning as a result in unhealthy competitions especially in the fashion and acting industry .This is present in women of the media- the celebrities and models. For attaining proper, appealing and compelling appearance, these women try harder to seek help in tackling this menace.

Among other method to solve cellulite, iontophreses, thermotherapy, ultrasound, etc., there are expensive methods like cosmeticology, caffeine, forskolin, retinol, sacred lotus among others are full of side effects and are not reliable and many people particularly women have fallen victims to cancerous diseases, like skin cancers etc. despite the cost effects involved.

Among these and other methods of use of drugs and expensive therapies to check and maintain for maintenance, Cupping is less costly and it solves and is used for so many ailments including eating disorders that must have come up from the above.




It diverts the previous stagnant blood among the skin and will increase the peristaltic movements of the intestines thereby rising the facility of digestion.  It is a lot of necessary somebody for somebody} with Bulimia (a psychological state within which someone uncontrollably eats and drinks and finds a way to vomit thereafter. to get rid of the food from their body) to use cupping because it may facilitate increase circulation of blood thereby rising health standing and encourage normalcy.



As earlier aforementioned that what we tend to do apprehend from the restricted scientific studies that are conducted is that cupping works by increasing the capillaries and increasing the quantity of fluid getting into and exploit tissues. Besides this, cupping medical care looks to impress a relaxation response in some individuals, which suggests it’s helpful for lowering stress and its negative effects. This is often best represented to tackle the issues of body image and comparatively eating disorder.

It can also be used a complimentary option to tackling eating disorder as it restores the brain functionality and improves its function that geared towards effective and healthy living. These are inner flow of blood, boost immune system, reduce stress and restore happiness and see life from the bright side dashing away from isolation, discomfort and condemnation. As a matter of fact, the right decision and a self-sense of belonging and responsibility is chipped in. No wonder, it is an ancient practice in Islam and a recommendation to all Muslims. Conclusively, it stabilizes the state of mind of upset patients and helps them to counter attack psychological irrelevancies that would trigger body image alternative deadly eating disorders.

Cupping therapy is less costly and it solves many ailments including eating disorders that must have come up from body image.

Cupping therapy incorporates a host of benefits which overweighs orthodox medical approaches. Treating metastasis conditions like wasting disease is one among the oldest uses for cupping and was used long before prescriptions were available.
This implies that for the Muslim world,   Cupping is the right solution.



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