4 Steps to Bust Through Fear + Take LEAPS Towards Full Recovery + FREEDOM!!!






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Strength is born in the deep silence of long-suffering hearts; not amidst joy.

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Please find below two fantastic videos from from Healing for Eating Disorders. I hope it will help you along your journey to recovery and healing.


4 Steps to Bust Through Fear + Take LEAPS Towards Full Recovery + FREEDOM!!!


Fear acts like a huge STOP BUTTON on our recovery and our dreams.
What are you afraid of that you are allowing to block you from moving forward?
Today, give yourself permission to take one baby step forward towards moving THROUGH this fear with courage, grace and LOVE for yourself!!!
This is the only way to move forward in recovery, by feeling the fear and doing it anyways.
AND it’s the very thing that will SET YOU FREE.
Watch this short video to learn the 4 steps and to begin to face your fear HEAD ON!


Deserving to be LOVED No Matter What


Do you believe you are worthy? Do you believe you are deserving?

Deserving of LOVE, of LIFE, of HAPPINESS, of RECOVERY, of FREEDOM, of all the GOOD THINGS in life???

Probably NOT.

Most women I work with have a HUGE block around feeling like they deserve to love and be loved. We don’t feel good enough, we don’t feel pretty enough or confident enough or that we’ve proved ourselves ENOUGH.

We stay stuck and go backwards in recovery because we make strides and are moving forward– only to find these old self-sabotaging beliefs of– “WHEN’S IT GOING TO END? You’re kidding yourself, you can’t keep this up. You’re not WORTHY or DESERVING of this ANYWAYS” comes up and BAM we fall back down, we have a slip or relapse and go right back into the behaviors.

If you REALLY want to break free, you HAVE to begin to KNOW and BELIEVE and OWN these beliefs that you DESERVE LOVE and you are WORTHY of RECOVERY!!!!

Watch this short video below to find out HOW to really OWN these beliefs for yourself!!! 


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