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Eating disorders kill more people than any other mental illness – and it’s time we took them more seriously. There are more deaths from eating disorders than from any other mental illness, and it is estimated that 10% of all sufferers die as a result of their condition.  Sufferers are aged 8 to 80, boys and girls, women and men and over the last 25 years, the number of sufferers has rocketed. 

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Dear Readers,

BBB a fantastic brains behind Beauty Beyond Bones “offering hope & encouragement to EDWarriors & their loved ones. Recovered 8 years. All glory to Him” lost ‘Sweet Angel’ , her beautiful soul sister to anorexia last month (May 2016).  We read BBB’s post with sadness because the Demon of Eating Disorder had no right to do that, no right to abuse Sweet Angel and make her doubt the uniqueness of her own beauty and sweetness.


My heart is heavy today*.

I woke up this morning to learn that a dear friend, and radiant member of the BBB community, passed away suddenly. She had been battling against the repugnant monster that is anorexia, and it stole her life, way way too soon.

She was radiant in every sense of the word: encouraging, loving, faithful, kind, funny, and truly a warrior.

May 30, 2016

Beauty Beyond Bones

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In Islam we see death as a journey on-wards to new realms. In this time of sorrow, we feel Kim’s pain. We’ve put together a small tribute for Kim’s ‘Sweet Angel’. It makes us sad because so many Muslims are suffering from this illness in silence. How many have died? We don’t have the stats, but we know the famous case of Leila Shah Pahlavi, daughter of late Shah of Iran who was found dead in her hotel room in London, her body emaciated by years of anorexia. And yes we need to act now.  Eating disorders need swift recognition and a better response from Muslim World. We are against Eating Disorders. We need to defeat this Demon and We Need to do it now.


Our Tribute to Sweet Angel

Dear BBB,

We ask you to forgive us for all our mistakes and our inadequacies. A video by Alin Cretu from Romania. 



Is, Now Was… Too Soon

What? How? Why? When? You, you mean? Oh God!

Were the words that rented my mind and brain?

I stood still and left to hurt.

No one to feel my pain rolling down in tears like rain.

I thought I could have refrained from getting to the screen

But the bad news crept in at the wake of the young day.

A sharp cold shrunk the lines running through me

Her struggle disappointed the physician with no pay

Like I had feathers growing round my looped ears at aggressive spins at top speed;

My shin went feeble and the grin was set in resonance.

Hope, faith, prayers, innocence, and pure heartedness let her down when she needed them most

-All like a fruitless effort to climbing the baobab.

What a loamy blanket to sleep in

What shyness to give up the ghost

What a loss to miss so dearly

A fighter and an icon to hold.

If roses are red, why has sweet angel be called upon to rest while we still need her brains, soft words, encouragements, passion for good and all?

My spirit came hickety, rickety, pickety at knowing that the rose was no more. The travails of the innocent girl and the hope of recovery each passing day.

There is no leaf that drops from a tree that God has no knowledge of.

He gives and now he has taken. He makes you know them and now you don’t see them again. You hurt them and you live with the regrets while they are gone. You revile them in their good work yet, you weep for them when you hear the news that they are gone. What a world. That is why we will always do our god given best to fight this ill, this mental illness, ED to the last. With the last drop of our media strength, with the last ounce of our virtual money.

Anorexia must go! It kills our fathers, mothers, sisters, friends, brothers and well-wishers. It is evading our planet.

This week took sweet angel with it to mark another significance of a fallen hero as coincidentally, this week happens to be Mental Illness Awareness Week. The significance of sweet angel’s call to glory is to remind the world that Anorexia is an Eating Disorder (ED) from the pits of hell that cunningly evades a soul until it sees it perish and wipes all the good works, quality, the body and the good life spent into history.

This awareness should be done in great protest and seeing the decline rate of the highest and the most effective killing machine of all EDs.

BBB, Sweet Angel is gone with all the talents she’s got. We can only make her be happier if we rescue people like her from the claws and paws of the Death messenger. She is, and now, she was.

“Allah says, ‘I have nothing to give but Paradise as a reward to my slave, a true believer of Islamic Monotheism who, if I cause his dear friend (or relative) to die, remains patient (and hopes for Allah’s Reward.'”

[8:432-O.B] Sahih Al Bukhari

So, we can only pray for their mercy.

Our condolence goes to the parents and loved ones who left her not for a second while she was alive.

Therefore, I assume the alter of prayer that they be granted the fortitude to bear the loss. God in heaven console you through Jesus Christ and the comforter.

She may be gone but, she’s never alone as Jesus has her.

We do not weep like those who have no hope. We hope to see her someday when there won’t be any form of separation.

We all will make heaven and we will live now to live happily together again.




Humans Are Not Food to the Hungry Earth which is never tired of eating human.

We support the movement against Anorexia.






BBB’s Tribute

Sweet Angel



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