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I wish you all well with a blessed Imam whose advice has made a huge difference in my life. This year. I enter Ramadan with peace in heart, peace in mind and peace in soul.

Follow His advice and enjoy the full Bounties and Blessings of Ramadan. 

Dear Readers,


For the past few days, traffic to blog has increased and messages from all across the world have been pouring in. There’s so much confusion and misinformation regarding Ramadan. Though, there’s much information on blog. I really felt that victims of these want someone to instruct them about Ramadan. This really did put me on a spot. I don’t know how to respond to different factions of the Muslim society, i.e. Shite, Sunni, and the Ismailis.

I was honoured by the almighty Allah, gracious, great in mercy and plenteous in blessings; one who gave me life and opportunity to make a journey to Exeter to speak to the Imam regarding Ramadan Fasting.




Please do bear in mind, he had no idea I was coming and I was going to put him on spot regarding Eating Disorders, dieting, exploitation of month of Ramadan and how ED voices dictate and control person’s mind.


Imam’s Blessed Advice


Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is an act of obedience and submission to Allah’s commands through the highest degree of commitment, sincerity and faithfulness to seek Allah’s mercy, to atone for sins, errors, and mistakes and to avoid condemnation to Hell. It is done out of deep love for God, with a genuine virtue of devotion, honest dedication and closeness to Allah, for Fasting is for Allah and Him alone. The fasting during Ramadan is obligatory on every adult, sane, and able Muslim.

Fasting is an act between an individual and Allah . An individual needs to make the decision.You can’t give one generic advice to all. A sufferer knows his health, his emotional health really well.

Step One: Go See a Doctor.  Get full examination done. 



Please bear in mind, when it comes to fasting, we can never offer one generic advice to all. Every illness is different and every individual is different.


If you think non-Muslim doctor lacks understanding, then find a Muslim Doctor.


Muslim Doctor

Muslim Doctors


Step Two: Listen to Your Doctor and then Follow his Advice. 



Step Three: And then go and see your local Imam. He’ll explain and assist you further.




Imam cannot make you to fast or not. Imam assists with religious issues and matters while a physician deals with all other scientific and health problems.

The Imam said the

Choice is with the sufferer. They know their condition better. 


Importance of Seeing a Doctor


Our Prophet (P.B.U.H.) informed us that the general rule is that there is a cure to every disease, whether we are aware of it or not.

“God has not inflicted a disease without prescribing a cure to it, known to whoever knows it, and unknown to whoever does not know it.” (Cited by Ahmad of Nayl-al-Awtar, V. 9, p. 89),  this Hadith is a confirmation of the natural law of auto-resistance of self-defence. It indicates as well the necessity for discovering cures to our diseases. He (P.B.U.H.) said – on the authority of Usama Ibn Shuraik – when a Bedouin asked him whether he should seek treatment:


“Yes, servants of God seek treatment; God has not set a disease without setting a cure to it, known to whoever knows it and unknown to whoever does not know it”


(cited by lbn Majah, Tirmizi and Abu-Dawood).

You can’t recover if you keep listening to ED voice that tells you to binge, purge, exercise and starve. You take full responsibility if you want to participate in Ramadan. That is get ready to confront your illness and do what Imam has told you. Go to doctor first…please.

The Muslim Patient

Here we need to talk about integrity of Muslim patient. If you are suffering from Eating Disorder, then the first step is to accept your illness and need to recover.

Each individual will undoubtedly feel sick here and there and by one means or another. A Muslim does not freeze when harrowed with any affliction since his confidence in the kindness of God, his confidence in fate and his confidence urging abstinence and tolerance, every one of these components give him quality to stand quick and persevere through his trial. Be that as it may, he should look for treatment in light of the Prophet’s (P.B.U.H.) request. By tolerating the Prophet’s (P.B.U.H.) explanation that there is a cure to each malady, the Muslim patient develops a solid confident demeanor that helps him and his specialist to oppose the illness and overcome it.


In Words of Jalaluldin Rumi

Rumi pic

The cure is in you.



 Please Watch The Video Below, made By Alin in Romania. Thank You So much to Everyone in Exeter Mosque for their Great Hospitality and Kindness. 




A Fantastic Ramadan Nasheed from Maher Zain



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