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Drink to Your health, vitality and longevity with this Excellent SeaGreens Pelvetic Tonic


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I am proud to bring to you a brilliant recipe with hundreds and hundreds of health benefits. An excellent drink to get refreshed physically and mentally in Ramadan. I encourage you to try this nature gifted magic drink.  This is excellent drink in recovery from Eating Disorder. It provides your body the strength to fight against  diseases, strengthens skin cell and gives you clear glowing skin.  Apart from amino acids, fatty acids and dietary fibre, seaweeds absolutely burst with vitamin and mineral nutrition.  This super drink can quickly deliver all the required vitamins and minerals to the body, and can be an excellent one-source solution for treatment of many illnesses in general, and chronic fatigue syndrome, in particular.




I’ve always spoken about the benefits of using SeaGreens in Recovery from Eating Disorder. After WheatGrass Synergy, this is my second top food in recovery. I’ve been using SeaGreens for 7 years now. It has become essential part of my daily nutrition. I remember week 2 in Eating Disorder unit and I was always out of energy. It doesn’t matter what I ate, how much I ate, I felt lethargic and exhausted. I started to take SeaGreens in the evening and within days, I noticed I had lot more stamina. It improved my complexion and my overall health.


SeaGreens Granuels




This amazing recipe makes a cold summer Tonic or a Warming Winter Tea- either way it is deliciously clean, complex taste is packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants! The base is Seagreens wild pelvetia seaweed, ginger and lemon.


This recipe is courtesy of Dr Jane Jamieson of Edinburugh. To further suit your own taste, you can explore herbal, fruit and vegetable additions. It’s estimated at least 60% of the seaweed nutrients will leach into cold water.


Green smoothies

Recipe for 6 x 250 ml glasses (1.5litre jug)


• Add half the contents of a 50g jar of Seagreens® Salad & Condiment to 1.5 litres cold water •




Water Jug


Grate and add a good sized Organic ginger root (or 4 Pukka ‘Three Ginger’ T-bags)


Wooden spoon with grated ginger, ginger root against a wooden board



Slice, squeeze and add 1 small unglazed Organic lemon and 4 heaped teaspoons Green tea (or 6 Pukka ‘Lemon Green Tea’ T-bags)*


Green Tea


Stir and leave to settle for between half an hour and an hour and pour through a strainer. Store any remaining liquid after straining from the jug

Jug green drink


*In winter, if you want to add a hint of cinnamon, use half the fresh lemon and 3 Pukka ‘Green Spiced Chai’ T-bags)

cinnamon flavor


Summary of some typical seaweed nutrients per 250 ml glass:


• Protein 180mg

• Vitamins A 427µg, B group 21µg (inc Folic acid, B1, B2, B6, B12), C 48mg, D 0.024µg, E 0.55mg, H 0.72µg and K 24µg, significant phenols, phlorotannins and compound nutrients

• Minerals Calcium 48mg, Magnesium 17mg, Nitrogen 25mg, Phosphorus 3.6mg, Potassium 60mg, Sodium 84mg, Sulphur 72mg

• Trace elements Antimony, Boron, Cobalt, Copper, Germanium, Gold, Iodine, Iridium, Iron, Lithium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Platinum, Rubidium, Selenium, Silicon, Silver, Tellurium, Titanium, Vanadium and Zinc. Add the antioxidants in the green tea, ginger and lemon and you have a powerful remineralising, revitalising and detoxifying tonic! “Seagreens® is the UK’s leading seaweed supplier” (Organic & Natural Business magazine, O







“Seagreens® is the UK’s leading seaweed supplier” (Organic & Natural Business magazine, October 2009). In addition to Seagreens® own consumer products, many good brands use Seagreens® Certified Ingredients including Artisan Bread, Bart Spices, Pukka, Napiers, Viridian and Waitrose Cooks’ Ingredients. Seagreens® Information Service is on 0845-0640040 email info@seagreens.co.uk. Information website www.seagreens.co.uk. Available from the best health & natural food stores. © Copyright Seagreens Ltd, England and Hebridean Seagreens Ltd, Scotland, 2010


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