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Please find below Eleven Islamic Tips that can help you to beat Eating Disorder and develop a positive mind and body image. I hope you’ll find them as useful as I did. I would like to thank a dear soul for helping me out with this.


From an Islamic viewpoint health is seen as one of the best favors that God has offered on humanity. It ought to be noticed that the best gift after conviction is wellbeing. The last messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) mounted the platform, then sobbed and said, “Ask Allah (swt) for absolution and wellbeing, for subsequent to being allowed assurance, one is given nothing superior to anything wellbeing.” Along these lines, to have a positive self-perception to beat dietary issue.

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listen to your body

Scan for the ideal eating regimen. Continually stressing excessive calories and fat grams request to control your weight can be troublesome and tedious.The reason why strict weight control plans don’t work and aren’t much fun is on the grounds that your body needs nourishment for vitality. That’s the reason it’s imperative to listen to your body and react to its characteristic hunger. It will let you know what it needs. Furthermore, in the event that you don’t tune in, it will discover approaches to continue reminding you—like cerebral pains, a snarling stomach, and fixating on sustenance.

Listening to your body is having the capacity to distinguish when you are getting hungry, when you are without a doubt genuinely hungry, and not simply searching for nourishment to cure your fatigue, anxiety, or dejection, and after that the time has come to refuel.

Your capacity to know when you have had enough, when you start to feel full; you will realize that you have had enough to eat. Control means evading the extremes.


Often individuals hear this guidance and think it implies they can eat whatever they long for, constantly. Eat what you need, when you are genuinely hungry. Stop when you’re full and you’re prone to keep up a sound weight and abstain from eating disorders.





There is a Surah in the Qur’an called The Fig. The way that Allah swears by this tree demonstrates the huge advantages and incredible estimation of its natural product: “By the fig, and the olive, by Mount Sinai, and by this city of security [Makkah]” Qur’an 95: 1-3.

Fig is a tree that was enlivened by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), to show and train us on the inconceivable significance of it to wellbeing.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

“On the off chance that a Fruit ever plummeted from Paradise, I would say that this is it, as paradise’s natural products contain no pips. Eat from it as it calms hemorrhoids and treats gout. “In spots where this sort of leafy foods/its preferences is/are not basic developed or gave; individuals swing to different natural products. Experimentally, there is in no way like crisp fig is so low in calories and is a terrific expert of all natural products. This was an extraordinary super sustenance for low weight and hunger and digestive health issues. Figs go about as regular diuretic, conditions the digestion tracts and are incredible for your stomach. Figs are super loaded with fiber, minerals and vitamins. On the off chance that you bring Figs with almonds and walnuts for evening nibble you are certain to get different great final results.




foods-that-prophet-muhammad-s-a-w-loves-1 food-for-hair

Different verses and writings inside Islam advance the eating of sound wholesome sustenance and eating with some restraint. God plainly states in the Quran:


Eat of the great things which we have accommodated you. (2:173)

Eat of what is legal and wholesome on the earth. (2:168)

A sound nutritious eating regimen should likewise be adjusted, so as to keep up the equalization that God has set up in all things, this is tended to in the Quran when Allah says: “Also, He upheld the equalization. That you surpass not the limits; but rather watch the equalization entirely; and miss the mark thereof.” (55:7–9). As we are probably aware, eating too much makes hurt our frameworks. Numerous ailments are identified with uncontrolled dietary patterns, for example, diabetes, vascular ailments, stroke, heart assault and so forth. It has been said that the ‘stomach is the home of sick well-being’ and is generally dependable somehow to sick wellbeing.



Islam shows us to eat reasonably:

Eat and beverage, however keep away from abundance”. (20:81).


Over liberality and squandering of sustenance are further deterred in the Messenger’s Hadith of God:” No one has ever filled a compartment much bigger than his own stomach.

The child of Adam needs close to a couple of pieces of sustenance to keep up his quality, doing as such he ought to think about that as 33% of his stomach is for nourishment, a third for beverage and a third to breathe’ – Ibn Maja



Numerous prepared nourishments we eat contain chemicals which after some time can be put away by our bodies as poisons inside of cells. Fasting can help our body to cleanse these poisons while additionally permitting our body and digestive framework to rest. Fasting in Islam is not care for slimming down, it is sufficient in calorie allow and includes no lack of healthy sustenance.

All nourishments are reasonable to eat with some restraint, once the quick is over.

Exploration has demonstrated that fasting can lower glucose levels and cholesterol, proposing it might be prudent for moderate, stable, non-insulin diabetes, heftiness and crucial hypertension.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) prescribed us to break fasting amid Ramadan (iftar) with dates. Exploration study has demonstrated that having dates in the wake of fasting must advantages for our nourishment and health.

Dates Water



A few individuals purposely separate their body build and term it satisfaction or name it “trend”.

Islam entirely disallows liberality in intoxicants, for example, liquor and medications all things considered. The restricted joy of such indecencies causes monstrous long haul harm to psyche, body and the social fabric of society. Specific schools of thought incorporate smoking inside of the on account of its destructive impacts on the body. It appears that if Muslims hold fast to the teachings of Islam, they would naturally lead a healthier way of life. God says in the Quran: “Satan’s arrangement is (however) to energize ill will and scorn between you with intoxicants and betting and impede you from the recognition of Allah and from petition to God, will ye not then let go?” (5:90)



Taking after are the advantages of eating dates: Dates are anything but difficult to process so they don’t deplete the individual stomach. Dates diminish the colossal yearning sentiment in a man thus he doesn’t rush eating which causes processing issue. Dates set up the stomach to get the sustenance in the wake of being inert during that time with enacting the arrival of digestive discharges and juices. Dates are extremely rich with sugary vitality thus the body is supplied with the most critical supplement which is sugar that is basic as a supplement for the mind cells and nerves. Dates shield the fasting individual from having obstruction as an aftereffect of changing dinner’s times or as a consequence of having low fiber sums in suppers.

The basic salts in dates conform to the acridity of blood which come about because of exorbitance in eating of meat and sugars which causes a ton of inherited maladies as diabetes, gout, renal stones, nerve bladder aggravations, hypertension and hemorrhoids).





We all realize that there is fulfillment inferred in the drinking of water. As indicated by examination, it exhorted that one ought to drink no less than four liters of water consistently (summer/dry seasons). This is to lessen drying out, enhance the digestive adequacy framework and equalization the water level in the body. Some nearby sources additionally recommend that sufficiently drinking water secures one against intestinal sickness as present in Africa and some other riverine spots of the world.




Value all that your body can do. Every day your body conveys you closer to your dreams. Celebrate the greater part of the astounding things your body accomplishes for you—running, moving, breathing, chuckling, imagining, and so on. Keep a main ten rundown of things you like about yourself—things that aren’t identified with the amount you weigh or what you look like. Read your rundown often. Add to it as you get to be mindful of more things to like about yourself. Advise yourself that “genuine magnificence” is not just skin deep. When you like yourself and who you will be, you conduct yourself with a feeling of certainty, self-acknowledgment, and openness that makes you excellent paying little mind to whether you physically resemble a supermodel. Beauty is a perspective, not a condition of your body. Consider yourself to be you need others to see you–as an entire individual.




It is less demanding to like yourself and your body when you are around other people who are steady and who perceive the significance of loving yourself simply the way you actually are. Closed down those voices in your mind that let you know your body is not “right”. You can overwhelm those negative contemplations with positive ones.

4DiamondBlackBullet_000Whenever you begin to tear yourself down, develop yourself back with a couple of brisk assertions that work for you.

4DiamondBlackBullet_000Wear garments that are agreeable and that make you like your body. Work with your body, not against it.


4DiamondBlackBullet_000Utilize the time and vitality that you may have spent stressing over sustenance, calories, and your weight to something to assist others.

4DiamondBlackBullet_000Sometimes contacting other individuals can assist you with feeling better about yourself and can roll out a positive response and be happy.



10 Steps to Positive Body Image


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