30 Tips From 101 Tips For Recovering From Eating Disorders


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“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.” Earl Nightingale

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These 30 Tips have been taken from 101 Tips for Recovering from Eating Disorders, A pocket book of wisdom written by Amy Barth. This is a very inspiring book and reminds you of the strength and wisdom that’s already inside you to defeat the Demon of Eating Disorder. I’m sharing few tips with you from the book. I hope these tips will inspire you to keep moving forward in your road to recovery and happiness.

101 Tips


What an Eating Disorder is and is Not


77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageEating disorders are a symptom of an underlying issue.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageEating Disorders are insidious.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageEating Disorders are self-destructive.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageEating Disorders can Kill You.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageEating Disorders are not about food.



77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageYou deserve to eat, it’s a basic need.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageEverybody needs nourishment.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageThere are no bad foods, you can eat everything in moderation.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageEat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageDon’t use food to cope with your feelings, that includes: starving, overeating, binging and purging, chewing and spitting, or taking laxatives.


Voices in your Head

 Be empty of worrying…. Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking. ~Rumi

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageYou will have intrusive thoughts and you will have to fight the voices in your head.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageIt is hard to quiet the thoughts in your head on your own.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageDon’t give power to the voice in your head, don’t engage in eating disordered behavior.

If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished? ~Rumi

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageFight the voice in your head that tells you to binge and purge, starve, take laxatives, or exercise obsessively.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageIgnore the voice in your head that tells you that you have to be perfect.

Note: One tip a reader from Belgium shared with me was listening to Sura Naas and reciting it in your heart, when the demon whispers in your mind. Sura An Nas is very powerful and can help you to defeat this negative voice.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageIgnore the voice that tells you, you are a failure (that voice is wrong).


Get Professional Help

One who seeks advice learns to recognise mistakes. Imam Ali

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageEating Disorders usually require professional help (very few people can do it alone).

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageThere is no shame in asking for help.


77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageIt is a sign of strength to ask for help when you need it.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageFind a Therapist you like, (you have to click, or it won’t help).

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageTry different types of therapy: art, music, drama, movement, ropes, pet, equine, dolphin, photography, journaling, EFT..

Note: My friend managed her illness by adopting the most gorgeous kitten on the planet earth. I saw the difference this little princess made in my friend’s life. She simply came between my friend and her ED. My friend had to sacrifice so much of ED time for this precious Kitty.

Tammy Bear Tammy

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageJoin a support group there are many out there.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageFind a Nutritionist that can help you make good decisions about food.

Why not try Katie Sheen and soul nutrition? The Soul Nutrition website is free to everyone and consists of The Happiness Calendar, SHIFT and the photographic, mindful eating food diary ‘Nourish’.

Soul Nutrition


Katie Sheen qualified from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, She delivers day courses and training sessions for students, health practitioners and the general public.


She has a limited number of private consultations available at Amaranth Health and Well-being Clinic in Bramhall, Cheshire.

/ 07703342781


77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageRecognize that when you are “in your eating disorder, that you are not a good judge of how you look. (Believe what your helping professional is saying about that area of your life).

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageBe open to processing new ways to see things.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageBe relentless in figuring out what the underlying issue is (trust your helping professional).

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageAllow people to take care of you.



Feelings-Accept all Feelings

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageFeelings aren’t right or wrong. They just are….

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageIt’s OK to be angry, sad scared, anxious,_______. (Fill in the Blank).#

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageIt’s OK to cry and it can be cleansing.

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageYou may have suicidal thoughts (if you feel this way, please talk to someone, call a hotline, or go to your nearest emergency room).

Do not act on the thoughts!

77B_Pink_Butterfly_for_web_homepageFind healthy ways to cope with feelings: go for a walk, journal, call or e-mail a friend, write a letter, paint, draw, knit, write poetry or a story, collage, doodle, color, crochet, do a puzzle, laugh, meditate, breathe… (add to this list).

Note: A reader to the blog suffered from depression, isolation and ED. They said, laughing yoga became their saving grace in those testing times. Today, that person is working with team of people on deeper underlying issues, but one of their tip for recovery is laughing yoga.


Why not Try this Relaxing Yoga in the Morning with Ramesh Pandey?   In this video he teaches viewers mental techniques of having fun in the morning. It will make you smile. 


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