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NEDAwareness Week 2015: February 22-28!  – WHAT WILL YOU DO?

Eating Disorders are a mental illness that represent a significant challenge to patients, health care workers, family members and our communities.  While growing acceptance of eating disorder as a mental illness, has taken hold in some parts of the world, unfortunately the stigma associated with the illness is a barrier to care and continues to impede early diagnosis and effective treatment.

Dear Readers,

On January 8th 2015, I received an Email from Emma Shakary from National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and she very generously invited us to become a partner of 2015 NEDAwareness Week. This is an exciting opportunity for Islam and Eating Disorders to be a part of the largest eating disorders outreach effort in the world.  NEDA and Islam and Eating Disorders are calling for greater community awareness of Eating Disorders in the Muslim World and encouraging people to to seek help early.

 NEDA in partnership with other organizations are working to end the stigma attached to Eating Disorders and to break down the economic and social barriers and prejudice that people with Eating Disorders face throughout their lives. Islam and Eating Disorders shares NEDA’s vision to inspire the development of a society free from stigma and discrimination, where everyone can achieve their potential to flourish and thrive.

As a partner, we are now  featured on the NEDAwareness Week website, with a direct link to our webpage. Link:  NEDAwareness Week microsite!  Together we can make an even bigger difference to people’s lives.

The theme for this year’s campaign: changing the dominant narrative around body positivity and eating disorders with a day devoted to Deconstructing the Media (2/22) and another dedicated to Marginalized Voices in the Body Positivity Movement (2/23).

Partners across the world are playing a part in supporting NEDAwareness week.  Last year we tried our best to reach out to Muslim Mosques/Organizations/Schools across the UK, this year we’ll try to reach out to other organizations and mosques across the world. With your help, we can end the stigma and discrimination experienced by people with Eating Disorders. Please Help us to Spread the Word!

 First Step – Get Educated!


Download your NEDA Toolkits here.

Educator Toolkit

The NEDA Educator Toolkit is a resource for educators, staff who work in a school setting or those who work with youth outside of school. If you want to understand more about eating disorders, if you’d like to know how to support students and young people who may be affected, this information will help you.

Educator Toolkit Pdf

Parent Toolkit

The NEDA Parent Toolkit is for anyone who wants to understand more about how to support a family member or friend affected by an eating disorder. You will find answers to your insurance questions; signs, symptoms and medical consequences; information about treatment and levels of care; and questions to ask when choosing a treatment provider.

ParentToolkit Pdf

Coach & Athletic Trainer Toolkit

The Coach & Athletic Trainer Toolkit is a resource for staff who work in gyms, school settings, outside athletic groups, dance studios, etc. who would like to know how to support athletes who may be affected by eating disorders. We’ve included frequently asked questions and common myths about eating disorders, strategies for assisting athletes and much more.

CoachandTrainerToolkit Pdf

Get REAL! Digital Media Literacy Toolkit

In our media saturated culture, it is hard to escape the onslaught of messages about our bodies.To help counteract media’s potential influence on normalizing unrealistic body standards, students from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) partnered with the National Eating Disorders Association on a civic engagement project to create a Digital Media Literacy Toolkit. The Get REAL! Toolkit features interactive activities to think critically about the body image messages we see, hear and read in the digital media culture every day. It’s perfect for educators or youth programmers who want to improve media literacy among young people.

GetRealToolkit Pdf


About Author

Islam and Eating Disorders founded in 2012 – run by Maha Khan, the blog creates awareness of Eating Disorders in the Muslim world, offers information and support for sufferers and their loved ones.


  1. Posting this tool kit is going to be so helpful for those with this disorder. I am going to share this with a few of my colleges.

  2. It’s nice that you’re helping out. I myself wish I could help in any way possible. My little sister dealt with an eating disorder and it’s a scary situation. I’m glad to see NEDA making a huge impact too. All the help we can get is a good thing.

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