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“Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant and interesting.”
Aldous Huxley


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Here are some more inspirational quotes by Hazrat Imam Ali (ra), son in law of Prophet muhammad (saw). I hope you’ll find them as inspiring as I do, and will apply them in your life. These are timeless, beautiful concise gems, expressing wisdom, and awakening motivation, inspiration and happiness. In order to beat the negativity of your Eating Disorder, read these quotes carefully. Think how you can use its message in your life. Look deeply into it, to find the inner meaning in it.


You can benefit much more from Inspirational Sayings, if you do the following: Read it a few times. If something within you resonates with the quote read it every day, no just once, but a few times. It would be a good idea to copy or print it, and put it where you can see it often. A quote that is repeated often, act just like affirmations, and can affect your mind and behavior in a positive way if you read them often.


“Your cure is within you, yet you do not sense it! Your sickness is from you, yet you do not see it! You consider yourself a small body; Yet encapsulated within you is the entire universe!”

There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance, no greater heritage than culture, and no greater friend and helpmate than consultation.

Whoever wants to be a leader and a guide should educate himself before educating others; before teaching morality to others, he should improve his own morals and character. Whoever educates himself and improves his own morals and character is superior to the person who tries to teach and train others.

In man there is a piece of flesh attached to him. It is the heart. It has wisdom and things contrary to wisdom. If he sees a ray of hope, eagerness humiliates it and when eagerness increases, greed ruins it. If disappointment overtakes it, grief kills it. If anger rises in it, a serious rage develops. If it is blessed with pleasure, it forgets to be cautious. If it becomes fearing, it becomes heedless. If peace extends all round, it becomes neglectful. If it earns wealth, freedom from ease puts it in the wrong. If trouble befalls it, impatience makes it humble. If it faces starvation, distress overtakes it. If its eating increases, heaviness of stomach pains it. Thus, every shortness is harmful to it and every excess is injurious to it.

He is a true adviser who points out your mistakes.

When a community is composed of really honest, sober and virtuous people then your forming bad opinion about any one of its member when nothing wicked has been seen of him is a great injustice to him; on the contrary in a corrupt society, to form good opinion of anyone out of those people and trust him is doing harm to yourself.

If a person has good idea about you, make his idea be true.

Do not enslave yourself to others when the Glorious God has created you free

Half of wisdom is love and friendship with people.(the other half is to guard yourself against the evils of people)

The worth of a man is according to his courage, his truthfulness is according to his balance of temper, his valour is according to his self – respect, and his chasteness is according to his sense of shame.


He who is abandoned by near ones is dear to remote ones.

 وَ قَالَ عليه‏السلام: مَنْ ضَيَّعَهُ الْأَقْرَبُ أُتِيحَ لَهُ الْأَبْعَدُ

“People are like waves of the ocean, some cover you with tides of refreshment, whilst others drown you in floods of turmoil”

When you get (only) small favours do not push them away through lack of gratefulness.

وَ قَالَ عليه‏السلام: إِذَا وَصَلَتْ إِلَيْكُمْ أَطْرَافُ النِّعَمِ فَلَا تُنَفِّرُوا أَقْصَاهَا بِقِلَّةِ الشُّكْرِ.


“How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he were never born”



Your Honor is solid, but it becomes liquid when you beg or ask for something from people. Therefore you should see before whom your honor liquefies.

When you gain power over your adversary pardon him by way of thanks for being able to overpower him.

وَ قَالَ ( عليه‏السلام )إِذَا قَدَرْتَ عَلَى عَدُوِّكَ

فَاجْعَلِ الْعَفْوَ عَنْهُ شُكْراً لِلْقُدْرَةِ عَلَيْهِ


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