Inspirational Sayings of Muhammad Sa’id Khan


Some Inspirational Sayings of Indian Sufi Shaykh Hazrat Maulvi Muhammad Sa’id Khan (r)

Taken from: The Search for Truth Life and Teachings of the Indian Sufi Shaykh Hazrat Maulvi Muhammad Sa’id Khan (r). By Shaykh Hazrat Azad Rasool (r)

Knowledge is the ability to distinguish between clearly what is true and what is false.

Prophets (s) have been sent from time to time to guide human beings. There is a Prophetic chain of succession. Since the Prophet Muhammad (S) is the final link in the chain and there will be no other prophet after him, it is necessary that we follow the path shown by Him to arrive at the final stage. If we were living in the era of the Prophet Jesus (s) we would have followed him, but just as it became necessary to follow the Prophet Jesus (s) after the Prophet Moses (s), similarly after the Prophet Jesus (s) it became incumbent on us to devote ourselves to the way revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (S) so that we may reach the final destination.

Thousands of God’s devotees roam the wilderness in quest of Him, I shall be the devotee of the one who loves the creatures of God.

Explanation by Hazrat Sai’id Khan: ” A person can never attain to selflessness and total sincerity until the prime motive of work is earning the pleasure of God. If the primary motive is serving the humanity, the community or the society, a person’s actions will not be devoid of egoistic motives. The ego will certainly be involved in such an enterprise. Such a person begins to think of individual needs as everybody’s needs. Undoubtedly, caring for human beings is a virtue, but the highest virtue is performing all actions for the sake of God and for the attainment of His pleasure.”

Human beings have been created to fulfill the obligations of creature hood, to serve and worship the Creator, and to return to God with the totality of their being. This is possible only when one is oblivious to all that is other than God. Being oblivious to other than God means freeing oneself from the bondage of all that is other than God and serving God alone so that finally one is free, even of one’s self. The impressions of all that is other than God should be totally erased from the mirror of the heart so there is no sensory or material connection with anything, and no desire left for anything but God. There should be no place in the imagination for any kind of desire, not even for the delight of the Hereafter or the pleasures of heaven. This happens only after complete annihilation, which is linked to the illumination of the Pure Essence and is marked by the Love of the Pure Essence”.

At times, my keen sight pierced my heart and being itself

At times it was entranced by the Ka’bah and Somnath

(Allama Iqbal)

علامہ اقبال

 Perplexity and Agitation in Mind

There are various forms of mental perplexity. If it is for self-improvement and involves good intentions and striving, then to rid oneself of that perplexity is a fundamental mistake. In the past people began to place images in front of themselves to eliminate such perplexity. Perplexity can facilitate progress. Where there is complacency, progress is not possible. Allow the thoughts to flow, do not try and stop them. The heart is doing it’s own work, and the mind s doing its own. Human beings usually obey the dictates of their mind; this is a form of tyranny. The British were ruling over India by force. Then they left. Now the Indians who are the legitimate rulers, are in power. Similarly, in the present age the mind is in power. In its place, the rule of the heart has to be established.”

Our being is unique. The heart and spirit subtle centers belong to the world of divine command and have been enslaved by the self. when a person obtains freedom from this slavery, the seeker is able to progress spiritually. Once a person is freed from the bondage of the ego, transcending the material realm becomes easier and can be accomplished in a short period of time.

If God does not grant us something, it is not because of any miserliness on His part. This withholding is His supreme bounty. There is a gift in this very refusal to give, but it is only the sincere that are able to comprehend the grace in this with-holding. If you dislike them, you may dislike something in which Allah has placed a lot of good. (Qur’an 4:19)

People make claims about establishing world peace and attaining salvation but their claims are baseless and merely politically motivated. The establishment of true and ever lasting peace is beyond human capacity. The true purpose of human beings is to return to their primordial nature. As goodness and piety are intrinsic to a human being’s primordial nature, people strive to be virtuous. If you are virtuous you will not quarrel with anyone because quarrels are found where there is a lack of virtue. The noblest exemplar of piety was Prophet (S). A human being needs to know God. A dog recognizes his master; it is a pity that human being does not recognize his Creator. If a person attempts to know God the seeker will realize that God is both Lord and Creator, and the provider of Sustenance. If God is the provider of sustenance, then why should there be dishonesty in worldly affairs? Why should we not make integrity our goal?



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