Ramadhan Month 1 -30 days Prayers- Breaking the Eating DIsorder Loop




Ramadan Month 1 -30 days Prays/Supplications

Planning is bringing the Eating Disorder into the present, so that you can do something about it now.  This is the essence of why planning ahead matters When it comes to defeating the demon of Eating Disorder.

Dear Readers,

A reader from Uruguay made a request that I post a prayer guide for Ramadan. This will be her first Ramadan after recovery. “I spent Ramadan dieting, with an hour of opening my fast, I would start binging and purging, most of the time, I wasn’t even hungry. In my family, the concept of praying is foreign. We are a neo-liberal type of family”.

We all know the old saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”, and whilst it might sound like a cliché, it’s grounded in fact.

Planning your Ramadan ahead is one of the first thing people should do in order to  cope with their Eating Disorder. I find Ramadan prayer guide/apps excellent source of help in this month.   It is a good idea to make plans in advance for Ramadan, Your Eating and How you’ll be managing your Triggers.Please read the post below on how to manage your triggers during Ramadan.

 How to Manage Your Eating Disorder Triggers This Ramadan



Breaking the ED Loop with Prayer

The most effective way to quieten any loop of brain activity is to activate another pattern of brain activity that uses a different pathway.  This might be achieved by relaxing and calming the brains alert response, or by finding a distraction that shifts brain energy to another part of the brain, resulting in a lack of available energy to fuel the ED loop. Relaxing and engaging in Prayer is very effective tool to quieten the whispers of the demon of Eating Disorder. As you progress further into the month of Ramadan, you’ll find it much easier  to switch off the ED loop InshAllah.  Praying must be fully engrossing because the more brain energy that is used for the distraction the less energy is available for the Eating Disorder thoughts. 

Following the 30 Day guide is by no means easy, it requires a great deal of commitment and energy, certainly in the initial stages.  You will be building new associations in the brain, so that with practice, any future ED activation will also activate pathways that lead to relaxation and/or distraction.  You will also be consciously choosing to quieten the ED loop, the more frequently this is done the easier it becomes to distract your brain in the future.

Ramadan Prayer/Supplications

Ramadan follow this guide and this gives you less time to focus on ED thoughts and behaviors. Don’t forget Eating Disorder is a mental illness and it travels well into the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month of blessing and if you have your intentions right then you can use this month to defeat the demon of Eating Disorder.

Eating Disorder thoughts get worst after one breaks their fast, because there’s so much food available. Key is to follow your meal plan, finish your meal, use mindful approach to eating and then khalas, you’re finished for the evening. How liberating, now you can go and focus on praying and spending your remainder of evening in remembrance of Allah. Of course, there will be triggers and thoughts, and you have to be mindful of them.

Wishing you All a Blessed and a Beautiful Ramadan.

O Allah, you know my pain, my sorrow, I enter this Holy Month with an intention to please you and not the demon of Eating Disorder.Release me from my Eating Disorder this Ramadan. Open my heart to hope and life. Open my eyes this Holy month to see I can escape into full recovery, Please  make me dare to be willing to let go of Eating Disorder, to let go of fear , self hatred  and shame, help me let go of hopelessness. O Allah  free me fully from my Eating Disorder and perish this demon forever. 

Click Here for 30 Day Ramadan Prayer Guide. This website is brilliant and will guide you through 1-30 days of Ramadan, what supplication to read and what Extra Prayers to offer.



Handy Tip: I’ve printed the above guide and I keep it in my room.


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