The Merge by Nimah Nawaab


It is often the case that in eating disorder we develop feelings that our negative in their core about our body and weight. As time passes body dysmorphia becomes ingrained in our sub conscious mind and this leads to loss of confidence, low morale and anxiety. I came across a short poem by renowned Saudi poetess Nimah Nawwab on body and physical appearance from her book Canvas of Souls. It touched me deeply.

By Great Nimah Nawwab

The Merge

So much attention is given to the body, to the physical, to the appearance of matters, can we fully go beyond? Test the waters of the unnamed ocean, beyond coasts, seen by all, and dive through the waves of essential self to the inner fire, inner heart of the selfless self and merge with the light?


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Islam and Eating Disorders founded in 2012 – run by Maha Khan, the blog creates awareness of Eating Disorders in the Muslim world, offers information and support for sufferers and their loved ones.


  1. JennyDecember 28, 2012Hi there! Love your blog it’s great so thank you! My problem is that I have NO raosen whatsoever to feel so bad about myself and about my life and yet I do. I completely relate to the feelings of unworthiness, unloveable-ness, ugliness, disgust, etc. but nothing traumatic has happened to me. I came from a loving home. Normal upbringing. And yet I STILL struggle with these hateful, negative thoughts. It makes me feel worse because I KNOW better and have absolutely no REASON to feel this way, but I still do! Like a double failure ugh! I know I need to retrain my brain but just thought I would throw this out there for anyone else that may relate This is def. a side of me that no one see’s because since I know better’ I fake it lol. But on the inside those terrible thoughts are still there . thanks again xoxo

    • Thank you for visiting Sony. Please email

      We have to fall in love with ourselves first and really appreciate ourselves for the unique creation of God we are. We humans are all individual. No two hearts beat at the same. God has an individual and unique relationship with all of us that’s why he wants us to turn to him in prayer. He doesn’t tell us you an only pray to me if your with 10 people.

      These feelings of self hate and negativity really keep us locked in the cycle of depression and self loathing. It takes time but you can break out of it. Trust me the day you respect yourself the day you appreciate yourself you will see for yourself how breathtakingly beautiful life is. These thoughts in our mind are wrong. Challenge them.

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