Life Coaching Clients Suffering With an Eating Disorder



A life coach can help a person to identify strengths, develop them, and identify personal and professional goals. Their role is to assist the coachee throughout the change process. As you will discover, this happens in several ways.

“Coaching empowers a person to think differently in all areas, professional and personal. If done effectively, the individual can apply the coaching experience in different situations and overcome challenges for the rest of his life.”


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Please find below an article that our friend Nuzhat wrote for Medium. Nuzhat has been our avid friend and supporter for some time now. She has helped many of our clients and has worked selflessly to create the awareness about Eating Disorders in Muslim Communities. Soon Nuzhat will be starting her work as a life coach in Dubai.  There are proven benefits of life coaching and monitoring. Please keep in mind that recovery is a linear process what works for one may not work for other. We have to keep on trying, so many of our clients have benefited greatly from life coaching service. We share the article below for research and information purpose only.


Life Coaching Clients Suffering With an Eating



I am a lawyer by profession. But during my corporate career I developed an interest in life coaching.

After becoming a qualified life coach I started taking pro bono cases. Not legal cases but life coaching clients.

The experience was very grounding for me. Going from dealing with high profile corporate work to dealing with people’s personal traumas. Which had resulted in their mental health issues leading to eating disorders. Such as anorexia and bulimia.

So what did I learn from my eating disorder patients? Firstly, not to take your loved ones who protect you for granted. Some of these patients were victims of under-protected parents. A lot of trauma started from home. Such as abuse, neglect, and unreasonable expectations.

Which had caused the patients from an early age a bad habit with food. Food is medicine. Treating food as a source of ill is a mental health problem. We are talking about good food here, such as balanced meals, and food full of nutrition.

The relationship with food is healthy. The patients felt they were not good enough or worthy of eating. Or they would binge eat and purge it out of guilt.

During these coaching sessions I began with the basics. To get my clients to look at food and appreciate it and to savour each bite. Encouraging the patients to develop steps to escape an unhealthy environment so they could create a positive life for themselves.

Steps to forgiveness takes time, so I worked with my clients to develop a gratitude practice with what good they have in their lives. Getting them to think of small things that made them happy and including those things to do in their daily lives.

Spirituality helps too. A connection to god to help with the healing process. If one doesn’t belief in god we return to nature. Earth, the sun, the sea as healing modalities. Basking in the sun even for a few minutes, being near water, and walking barefoot on grass.

Food is life source, a sustenance, and we need to learn to have a good relationship with all life forces. Including focusing on our breaths, ensuring we do deep breathing exercises daily. Taking time to eat, and feeling worthy of such a powerful life sustenance.

Dealing with clients with eating disorders helped me to return back to the basics too. Reading is meditation, walking is meditation, food is life like breathing is life. Gratitude is everything.


Nuzhat Jahan

Book author of Lahara ‘We are One’. Thought leader on Diversity inclusivity. Lawyer. Dream interpreter. Instagram @nuzhat_jahan_bookauthor

“It’s up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind.”



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