Fundamental Problems with Using Bulimia as A Weight Loss Program


chasing Hunger

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I received an Email from a distraught sufferer who gained over 3 kilos in weight in one week and second week the weight gain continued. She was so upset and couldn’t understand why despite using all the behaviors, her weight was rapidly increasing? It was scary but answer was simple her body knew and was no longer tolerating her behaviours. Now for the first time in five years, she’s getting help for her secret illness.

I’m sharing something very powerful with you. This is to make you aware of what happens when one uses Eating Disorder as a Weight Loss program.  (I pray Inshallah it will help you to put many things into perspective). This chapter is very powerful and really has made people rethink their Eating Disorder.

This is taken from Kathy Welter Nichol’s Book Chasing Hunger. 



thumbbullet2_redYou cannot control other aspects of the brain/body response to counteract for the bulimic behavior.

thumbbullet2_redOver production of steroids create the puffy round moon-face so after binging and purging the face appears “fat”.

thumbbullet2_redObesity and diabetes are a reality; eventually bulimia stops controlling weight as systems break down.

thumbbullet2_redAmenorrhea; losing your monthly cycle can lead to infertility as well as osteopenia and osteoporosis as your bone density is slowly leeched without the proper regular menses and hormones supplying it.

thumbbullet2_redThe stomach is swollen and soft from binging, purging and heavy restricting. You have a continual bulge of bloating due to the stress hormone cortisol and from consuming high levels of sugar and junk food and it will not go away.

thumbbullet2_redSkin is sallow and dark circles appear under the eyes, as a result of liver and kidney stress.

thumbbullet2_redYour heart is suffering, potassium levels fall to deathly levels, and your physical symptoms are dangerous.

thumbbullet2_redHair can fall out, become dull and lifeless; teeth and throat are damaged from acid reflux.

thumbbullet2_redLow energy, short-term memory loss and no energy are the daily normal.

thumbbullet2_redNo one trusts you; your word doesn’t mean much, most of your friends are people with same lack of commitment to other people’s time. You find you are often dumped, forgotten or just left out. You use bulimia and isolation instead.

thumbbullet2_redNegative mood swings are common you just don’t have any resources to manage the simplest interactions and these moods often get taken out on the people who love you the most.

thumbbullet2_redBulimia uses all your available cash and working the simplest job is hard as you have no energy and it seems you are always making excuses and apologizing for yourself to others.

thumbbullet2_redYou have adopted the attitude of what goes in must come out, so you don’t use supplements to take very good care of your body in other ways either.

thumbbullet2_redBrain Chemistry alters further as survival mode kicks in, obsession about food, thinking about food, planning for binges, all drive the anxiety, tension and fear, which centres on the primary focus of planning “my next fix”.

thumbbullet2_redSugar gives you the high and also the depleted extreme lows, depression is common, feeling of low self worth, obsessions, around thinness and the fear of weight gain, “did I eat too much, did I get it all out? What is normal?

thumbbullet2_redThe over use of laxatives causes major issues with the colon and bowel.

thumbbullet2_redMoral components fall away to the power of the addiction; lying, stealing and waste which you never would have considered before become a part of everyday life.

thumbbullet2_redAspects of the personality “split off” endeavoring to survive and the behavior itself becomes mindless and soul pillaging.

thumbbullet2_redEmotional issues are dealt with through bulimia, so you never resolve or master experience, you use bulimia instead. Anger sits uncomfortably just below the surface, vaguely masked by bland expressions.

thumbbullet2_redAs bulimia depletes essential nutrients and amino acids it affects mood swings increasing isolation, fear, self-judging and robbing you of the ability to control impulses. GABA an essential amino acids drive impulses that are out of control; yeast overgrowth occurs from the sugars, carbohydrates and lack of protein which drive the system to frenzy. I must have my daily fix.

thumbbullet2_redYou don’t know how to Stop.  You try, but you never do it. As behaviour escalates the damages increase; panic attacks, unnecessary fears, emotional outbursts as the brain craves its daily fix.

thumbbullet2_redBulimia seemed like a good idea for weight loss; however, no matter what movies you watched, books you read or suggestions from others; CHASING HUNGER is no way to loose weight.


Visit Offical Site: Self Help and Post Recovery Skills for Bulimia and Disordered Eating

Please do take out some time to watch these videos on Bulimia Breakthrough Session with Kathy Walter Nichols. They can really make a difference in your life Inshallah.


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  1. So many wonderful and helpful books about these subjects .. You really help us a lot and I have to thank you for doing that !!

  2. My personal oppinion is that using bulimia as a weight loss program is a mistake .. But with your post maybe more people will understand this .

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