Power, Impact and Essence


Focus starts from within, make yourself meaningful to you, look inside of you, think what you feel about the things nearer you and how it should and must have to be done. Do not go with wants and needs but the feel, make it alive in you. Soul has a feel, let it feel.

You are going to attract other’s attention by the spark of others while thinking that it is your power but you can only make an impact on others by giving your spark to them, instead of taking from them, you can impact them only by having your full attention and to be attentive to your ownself first, whoever you are, wherever you stands and what the situation demands from you now. Your focus attracts another focus and this is how you make your impact on others by remaining focused in everything you are and what you attend and do.


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Please find a very touching and very beautiful inspiring guest post from Pakistan Karachi by Khanabadoosh, Musafir. The aim of the post below is to instill hope in you for you to come to terms with the infinite power you are born with and for you to realise the wonderful creation of Allah you are.  All the paintings below are by Khanabadoosh. Thank you so much for this. Your support means a world to us




Power, Impact and Essence



Three words, heavier than all the admirations itself. Admiration must be spontaneous and it stays for a short while but then it quickly fades away while power, impact and essence requires you to avoid many spontaneous, quick and short term admirations just to acquire something real, which may comes  gradually but steadily and it really stays longer.

We all strive towards the eternity, even our perceptions of perfection leads us to experience the taste of eternity. Admiration is one way our perceptions towards the perfection but finding it into something temporary never truly help ourselves in being contented at heart and to be at peace in the longer period of time.



And God has created humans with mud while jinns with fire, and He himself is our power.

The power to humanbeing is of their souls. Let’s take an example of going into a house where there are beautiful calligraphy done on the walls, mesmerizing beauty and perfection everywhere and the big chandeliers putting light into everything in the room. Who makes this room beautiful, the calligraphy, the chandeliers, the luxury or the light in the room? Suppose if in the morning, no sunlight comes into a room and in the night no power is to the chandeliers to shine so all these decorations, all these luxuries and all these beauties goes into complete vain if there is no light in the room. Light is the soul of the place, the true essence of the place is its light and this light gives power to every other thing present in a room to put an impact upon every other person who sees it. Moral of this story is that all these luxuries do not gives us a power, rather our minds, human souls and humans gives all these things power. When you wear a nice cap, that cap do not gives you the power to look nice rather you give that cap power to be noticed on you, so the real impact is not of the cap but of you. As matter of the fact is that, human consciousness and focus is so diverted. To let others feel your power you first have to do what attracts their focus towards you, so for the very reason you mostly try the short cuts example, you try towards acquiring the short sparks (which you borrowed from other’s temporary light, which they themselves borrowed from others), rather than having your complete light with you, you let it dim and acquire someone else’s short termed based sparks to drag the attention of others to you. You misused your light just for the sake of a single spark, which comes and goes, aren’t even yours. You sacrificed a lot of your light in order to buy one single spark (Imagine if you don’t do this, if you preferred yourself, to work on your own light rather than purchasing the cheap sparks in your surroundings, your light shines more and more with the passage of time and comes under notice by others but just for the sake of admiration you become impatient and tried to find your eternity in the short term). What’s the use of acquiring a spark when you, yourself has the entire light? What is in you, is the whole light. While you run behind all of the sparks which stays only for a short while.

In order to recognize your power you need to accept your light. Acceptance is never from the outside as you seek it from others to accept you but it comes from the inside, it is a slave of the thoughts in your mind and everything that you are to be accepted by yourself with your own choice. Either you accept what your soul wants you to be or you choose people to define who you must have to look and be like, all the ‘definitions’ they want you to be are not one but multiple and in the end, following the trends and people’s definitions of “How you must look and be” will only lead you to multiple “YOU” and it will destroy your original oneself. There will be no loss of others in doing that but you will lose yourself, your natural self and your truer self.

Nature, is what comes without any force, fear and negativity. Nature is unforceful, true and all positive, it demands us to be faithful and not losing our truth for something based upon the falsehood. The ideal figure is a false image of beauty, some defines it zero size, others gives it different meaning by attaching the lists of exercises, different dieting plans, giving oneself pain and ache for not eating the basic food of your need just because you want to be someone’s definition based upon the falsehood?

How it is false, the image of beauty by others? It is because they tell you that getting ideal figure makes you look beautiful and you will attract many people like that towards you. They lie to you.

When you achieved their definition of the ideal figure in you, you will not attract people but brands, to wear the perfect cloths, your expenses increases and in the end after all of this hard work and endeavor, you will only listen that, “You look beautiful in this dress or the dress looks beautiful on you”

Does they really praise you or they praise the dress on you? What you do to this dress, you give your power to it and in the end, all the appraisals goes to the dress because it defines the work by someone else, their talents and their brand but where are you, does they really praised you?

What’s beautiful is healthy you. Fat is something else, it is getting out of the balance, it has least to do with the looks but more to the health, in order to be healthy, eating less is fine but in order to look beautiful, it is not fine because food has a link with the body’s basic needs which no one can deny, food shapes the body and gives it a power to work throughout the day. Basic healthy diet is no crime, eating when body needs is no crime but the “definition of beauty” by other people often delusionize the perspective in your mind and in the end what you do? You choose to follow them but not you, your body’s right on you, the natural desire in you and you choose to neglect it just to be what they wanted you to be not what you need to be. Your body ached for the food but you neglected it, you give your power to the brand, to the trend and to the definition of the beauty set by others.

People, brands and every single trend don’t stay up to the expectations, when you achieve their definition of beauty, they will set more and more levels in it and when you expect them to give you back, your satisfaction, your right, the pleasure, happiness and contentment that you have sarificed. then they will not serve you but when you serve your true self, your honest needs that naturally arises in you in a balanced way, not for the looks but for your system to work in a balanced way then the pleasure, the contentment, the right of your body and true happiness comes to you. Wellbeing is linked with the truth and nature, every expectation when meets the truth can serves you well but when you served the falsehood and you expect it to serve you back, it will never do, instead it will ask you to serve it more until and unless they will consume all of you and you will give all of you to it and in the end with you, it too comes to its end, sacrificed, vanished and finished.

They control your thoughts, the perspective they make in your mind is not true rather based upon the delusions (lies and falsehood) they often show you in form of the trends and popular definition of beauty and other concepts. They all are the followers and hence they sell their precious power to their lies in cheapest values (not the price, but the values, we sell our values and purchase in return their values, false over the truth, there is no price but we trade of the values).

When you begin, you want perfect. When you grow, you want real. So many of us do not seek what our souls are seeking. We run behind charm and spark from which we can never be fulfilled until and unless it fills our souls. Souls can only be filled by something really real, with the truth, it may be beyond the standards of this world and different than what everybody else are pursuing because everybody is busy in following the trend and they pursue the false, short lived pleasures but your soul needs the truth, not just the perfection. When the short termed pleasures come to its end, it leaves in us a feeling of ache in our hearts and this feeling is the aching for the truth. Our souls ache to be nearer the truth because only truth can satisfy the souls, every other thing decays with time, but truth remains firm on the heaven and earth with pride. Truth can be hidden but it cannot be defeated or it can never decay but only becomes visible and clearer with the time. More you seek the truth, more satisfied and fulfilled you will feel otherwise the less closer you are to the truth, more hardened your soul will feel.

Hence, your power is your soul and soul’s power is the truth. Following the nature, your original self and what deserved to be served can gives you the power to have an impact in other’s lives, to give your light to others, not purchasing their sparks but gifting your light to others in abundance without any measure, not just in sparks.



What is in you, who you are, the original you can make an impact. By using other’s sparks you can only attract people’s attention for some time but it doesn’t creates an impact because creating an impact needs it to survive for a longer period of time and nothing survives longer or eternal except the truth while everything false decays with the time. When you are real, original and with your own light, only then you can make an impact to others.

Another way to leave your impact to others is through your thoughts, keeping it positive, optimistic and most importantly attentive and focused. Positive attracts positive and repels the negative, when you think better, you do better and you convey better. What makes you are your choices, your decisions, your dealings and your confidence while appearance comes all the way on the last spot, appearance matters the least in the long run to leave your impact on others. Because your choice to hurt yourself, ignoring your basic needs, requirements and running behind the standards set by others takes your originality away from you, gives you multiple faces and identities and takes you away from contentment and true happiness because more is never enough, less is, if you accept it as it is, worked over it and from here you can take it to the levels only going up, never down. Whatever you are and whatever you have must be your truer self, otherwise nothing is going to make an impact, you can only take other’s sparks but the whole light that you are, if you nourish yourself well, you can make an impact with your light by giving a piece of it to others and only then you remain in true peace.

Focus starts from within, make yourself meaningful to you, look inside of you, think what you feel about the things nearer you and how it should and must have to be done. Do not go with wants and needs but the feel, make it alive in you. Soul has a feel, let it feel.

You are going to attract other’s attention by the spark of others while thinking that it is your power but you can only make an impact on others by giving your spark to them, instead of taking from them, you can impact them only by having your full attention and to be attentive to your ownself first, whoever you are, wherever you stands and what the situation demands from you now. Your focus attracts another focus and this is how you make your impact on others by remaining focused in everything you are and what you attend and do.

Ignorance can be contagious, similarly focus can be contagious, ignorance attracts ignorance while giving attention to anything can only helps it grow more and work better as the Hawthorne experiment declared the importance of the factor “to be watched”, how amazingly your focus and attention can change the performance of others nearer you. In order to have better things in life, first step you have to do is to shift your focus from the false concepts made by others to the real, positive and truer self of yours and the other things which grows you in the power of your soul and which in return makes you impactful to the rest of the world in real and persistent time period.



Essence stands as different than power and impact. Essence is what you do contribute within your surroundings and where you contribute. It is also like credibility but not of your physical self and services rather it is of your heart and soul with utmost honesty and love which you have contributed into others lives. Everything has its essence but essence is from the soul, from the truth, how strong you are with your light, how far does it goes, how much impact it can make to others and whoever can feel it from nearer or far.

Essence increases with the consciousness of your soul in your mind, the more conscious you become towards the growth of your soul, the more essence in you increases and it can be seen in your physical self felt by the people and absorbed by the surroundings nearer you.

Soul is you, it’s not separated from you, its energy and it is your power. We often goes beyond our boundaries to impress people and we feel attracted towards the stories of the jinns and the angels and the places that are far away from us, everything, every being, every place has a soul, has an essence.
We often get deluded into the game of needs and wants, needs are everything which we need to satisfy our bodily requirements but problem comes when we exceeds the balance and wants are from the nafs, desires, something you can always wish but never justify your inclination towards anything, you just want it and that’s it, you want it.
Love, is beyond the needs and wants, it is you and simply you connected to something that is for you. It is gratitude and fulfilling the purpose together (You and the nature) without saying a word, just knowing it from the depths of your soul. Your mind is calm your heart is not known to this unusual exchange and you are simply satisfied. Love is the satisfaction from the soul, and it can be with anything that has a soul. Even if it is just a tree, a bird, a dog, spirits or a human being (someone special can also be that child in your neighborhood whose laugh makes you connected to the purpose, which reminds you about life, which makes you grateful about life), you feel connected in an unusual ways with many souls having ONE source, your mind don’t know, your heart is silent but you can feel it from your soul, the essence, the trueness, the love, beyond needs and wants.
Soul is simply your power that comes only from truth alone and these small connections are beyond our needs and wants, that are unexplainable but evident to all those who are known to these connections.
People do not fall for the people, for products, trends, commodities, for trees or for the places. They fall for the soul. The soul is something which connects you with your purpose to serve the truth, to embrace the beauty of the nature, you serves nature and nature serves you back.

Your essence comes when you, beyond the needs and wants serves your soul with the nature and everything that has a soul to the truth.

Essence does not come with anything lesser than a soul, when you put a lesson into a stone, it becomes the stone, never a lesson. Soul has nothing to do with the stones, it really needs an essence and essence increases with the innocence, purety and honesty but people try to catch the things in their hands either in form of other people, commodities and everything physical set into so many standards as all these stones and they worship them, they worship their desires connected to them but soul only worships the truth and loves everything which is connected to the truth.

So, when you really feel the honesty, purety and the true essence in anything, pursue this path because soul always guides the heart, not the heart that guides the soul, Heart has every kind of desire (it is our nafs) but soul has only one desire and it is pure so it seeks the pure. And you know the difference in both when you keep faith over the fear. Our fears shut down our souls many times and in this fear we often pursue the low desires from our heart and do not much focus on the higher desires by the souls. Even if it only seeks the purety still we keep the soul behind and follow the heart most of the time more in fear, less with faith.

Soul has the power and in humans, love, acceptance, forgiveness, patience, wisdom, bravery, passion, purpose and all these biggest powers are from the soul whereas, jealousy, hatred, ego and everything negative arises in you when you neglected your soul and choose to see others powers. We can only increase within never without, we can never trade this power with the physical things but the acceptance of one’s present state of light and with gratitude, it let us increase, gratitude comes when you focus into your light instead of focusing on other’s false standards of beauty.

Wonder, imagine, think and feel who you are, because we never know who we are until the journey ends. The moment we will reach the destination we will know truly who we are and what was it that we’ve served because for it we have lived.
So, never stop wondering, thinking and serving the truth, even the truth is of your own, serve your original self, never someone’s false definition of beauty because it is what will define us in the end when the journey ends.
From the day light to the moon light, you transform into a newer spirit, newer energy just to recharge you to serve the purpose. Consider this energy and invest it for what it has been given to you rather than wasting it in the mundane, maintain this energy for your truer self because this time will come only again at every end, when you will realize the things you have earned, when you served the falsehood, your earnings will become zero because every false image comes to decay with time, whereas if you have served the truth, you have earned everything, you will be content and satisfied, and this contentment is the true beauty, which will shine on your face and noticed by others as well.
That day, you’ll truly know who you are, truth or the falsehood. Think over and over the kind of thoughts you wish to dominate in your life.

Everytime, when you served the truth to which your soul guided you, your essence increases and you become more than everything, you become the light. This journey of everything started from being nothing, not chasing the needs and wants and the false definitions set by the trend setters and popular opinions but the truth, chasing the truth and being the truth, being everything.

Eternal is the truth, if you serve the truth, you become the truth and you become eternal with the power of your soul which made huge impact into the lives of other’s souls and hence, the Essence is visible in you, people can see it in you, this is your power, this is your impact and this is you, a soul, a beautiful soul which shines in you always.

Now set the new standards, contribute your truer light to others without any measure, not just in sparks but in abundance. Let them increase in their own light of their own souls by serving their energies to their truer selves, instead of serving the false images of beauty set by others, stop worshiping these standards as stones that you worship like your own desires.


Be the soul. Be everything.



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