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NOTHING that has already happened can be changed in any way, shape or form.

Yet— our minds tend to obsessively replay the tapes of the past over and over and over again.

We think about how it was and how we think it should be.

We beat ourselves up for saying or doing a certain thing we wish we wouldn’t have.

Why do we do this?

It is the nature of the mind to analyze, predict and control. This is the part of us that wants to stay safe and protected.

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Lauren letting go

Hello Beautiful Soul!



I am so honored to be writing you from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico– another beautiful location I have been blessed to have the opportunity to experience.  This is me^^^ after completing my morning practices at 7am (after being up for 3 hours!!), in complete awe and wonder of this amazing experience we call Life.
I feel so blessed to have begun the “Love & Service Project” where I get to serve 40 amazing women with 40 transformational conversations.  WOW, what a gift.
I feel so blessed to have space each day for prayer, meditation, yoga, journaling and communing with the Divine.
I feel so blessed to have fully surrendered to the Divine Plan for my life and to have let go of what was holding me back and keeping me stuck for so long.
And what I’ve realized through this process is that:
The more I surrender and let go, the more blessings God can bring into my life.
For me, letting go is a crucial part of my spiritual awakening process.
When I hold on, I block the Divine from being able to guide me and speak to me.
When I hold on, I feel frustrated, impatient and fearful.
Holding on to what no longer serves us in our lives only blocks and impedes our growth and causes us to stay stuck in stagnation.
Letting go is a choice we make out of love for ourselves and the Divine — and is a declaration of practicing radical FAITH & TRUST.
I know I used to hold on out of fear.  Being afraid to let go was the root of my issues.
However, what I found was that when I finally let go– there was such a freedom and peace inside of it.
I have let go of the person I used to be.  I have let go of old ways of being that no longer served me.
In this space of LETTING GO I had to remain OPEN in faith and trust, that what was meant for me would find me and come in to take its place.
Letting go of attachments, letting go of expectations, letting go of how I would “like” it to be– and just being in RADICAL ACCEPTANCE of what is– no matter what.
This has become the ultimate spiritual practice: surrendering my own desires, letting go and allowing myself to be Divinely guided and inspired.
In the letting go, there is so much space for the blessings and all the good things in life to flow in.  God can only bless you when you are open and ready to receive it.
What about you, beautiful soul Maha?
What is it that you have been holding on to and ready to LET GO of?  What is it that YOU are being CALLED TO CREATE in its place?
The time has come for you to evolve beyond your limitations of the past.  Your Higher Self is calling.  This intuitive self within you has all the answers you need already within you: all the wisdom, all the guidance, all the love you are seeking.  All is ever available when you just LET GO.
Read the article below to gain more insight about this process and become willing to let go.
There is so much beauty offered in each and every precious moment.  It is always and ever-available when you TRUST the process and…just. let. go.








Why is it that we have such a hard time letting go in our lives?

We get so stuck in the past, what we’ve done, what others have done to us, what we think we should have done differently.

Why are we so obsessed with what happened previously?

The biggest block that I see with my clients around the past is their INABILITY to understand that THE PAST CANNOT BE CHANGED.

NOTHING that has already happened can be changed in any way, shape or form.

Yet— our minds tend to obsessively replay the tapes of the past over and over and over again.

We think about how it was and how we think it should be.

We beat ourselves up for saying or doing a certain thing we wish we wouldn’t have.

Why do we do this?

It is the nature of the mind to analyze, predict and control. This is the part of us that wants to stay safe and protected.

So of course its going to go back and look for ways in which you could have ‘done better’— its only trying to help you.

Of course its going to replay those tapes over and over again because it’s trying to teach you not to make the same mistakes again.

But we don’t realize this— because we’re so stuck in the negative emotions that we can’t see clearly.

The way we FEEL about the past is actually what causes us to HOLD ON to it.

Because the only reason that you replay those tapes over and over again is because you have a negative emotion that is trapped inside your body that is connected to that experience.

Anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, etc.

It’s the EMOTIONS that keep us stuck in the past.

Our culture tends to look down on and have a negative perception of our emotional nature.

Women all the time tell me that they don’t want to be “weak” and that they shouldn’t show or express how they feel.

Where do you think those emotions go?

They don’t just disappear.

Emotions are E-Motion, or ENERGY IN MOTION.

When we have an experience that we have a negative reaction to, and our body creates an emotion of anger or sadness or fear, and we block ourselves from feeling it, the energy of that emotion gets stuck in your body.

How might you block yourself from feeling it?

You try to forget about it, you numb it out or stuff it down using alcohol, food, drugs, TV, sex, shopping, gambling, exercising, you name it.

It doesn’t just go away.

This emotional baggage becomes toxic residue within your body that blocks your energy centers and creates physical health issues over time.

How do you know if you have baggage?

The easiest way is to think about an event from the past, and feel the emotional charge that comes up when you see, hear and feel what that experience was like for you. Do you still feel the negative emotions?

If you do— this is baggage, and this is what we have such a hard time letting go of.

But letting go is ESSENTIAL if you are to evolve spiritually and regain a sense of health, peace, happiness and freedom in the present moment.

When you go back and think about it— what have you been holding on to from the past that still feels negatively charged? What are you angry and resentful of? Where are you still holding grudges? What aren’t you letting yourself grieve over? What is it that you are afraid of?

It is a natural part of the growth and evolutionary process to release the negative emotions in your body.

From a spiritual evolution perspective, letting go of these experiences from your past that are energetically charged with negative emotions are the KEY to your growth.

These are the things that lower your vibration and color your perception of the world.

If you have negative emotions and baggage from the past, it affects how you view your life TODAY.

The only way to shift your perspective on the world towards a kinder, more loving and positive viewpoint— is to go in and release the baggage from the past.

My clients are AMAZED at the CLARITY that comes after we do a Mental and Emotional Release session.

Once they let go of their negative emotions, they suddenly can see the world with fresh eyes—and compassion, love and gratitude flows in to take its place.

It is truly the greatest gift in my coaching practice to witness this happen day in, and day out.

The mindshifts and transformations that happen in those sessions are truly miraculous.

We tend to think that it takes a long time to LET GO. But really— what are you doing when you go to therapy talking about your issues for 5 years? You’re really only GETTING READY to let go.

Because once you are actually READY to let go— the LETTING GO happens in an instant.

Change can happen much faster than you ever thought.

The vibration of the planet is speeding up and people are spiritually waking up and evolving at lightning speed.

This is good and bad news for you! It is good news if you are ready to release your past and let go of what no longer serves you. However, if you want to stay asleep and stay in denial that you even have baggage, then life is about to get MUCH harder for you.

Letting go is really only a choice you make.

And when you are truly ready, you’re ready.

The time is now to let go of what no longer serves you and step into the Highest Vision of the Woman You Are Meant To Become.

You are infinitely worthy and deserving of this great gift you are about to give to yourself.

Are you ready to let go?

There’s really nothing else you need to do — even though the fear may be strong.

Fear is normal in the letting go. It’s only that part of you trying to protect you and keep you safe.

The stronger the fear, the bigger and more profound impact it creates in your life when you do let go.

Know that you can do this, you are safe and strong, wise and powerful. If you’re ready to let go of the baggage of your past, all you need to do is make a decision and just. let. go.

I love you.




You are worthy. You are special. You are unique… and at the same time, you are exactly the same as everyone else.

You have the spark of the Divine within you– just as we ALL do.🔥

You are, at your core, pure LOVE. Pure LIGHT. Pure BEING-NESS and ONENESS with All-That-Is.✨

We may APPEAR separate on the physical level but do not let that distract you from seeking the deeper truth.🌀

Ego seeks to separate you from others — when in all reality, we are all ONE on a deeper level.❤

Ask yourself, where am I seeking to be better than other people? Am I doing things that cause me to inflate my ego so that I can feel better about myself?  ❌

OR am I self sabotaging myself and collapsing into self-pity, feeling sorry for myself and thinking I am not as good as other people?  ❌

Neither one of these mindsets serve your Highest Good.

You are worthy AND exactly the same as everyone around you. 👑

God — the Divine– is in all of us. 🙏

The way you treat others is not only the way you treat yourself, but your relationship with the Divine as well.

Today, humble yourself before this truth. Know that you are ONE with God and the Divine is in everything and everyone you meet. ❤

When you make this shift and remain in a state of acceptance — magical things can start to happen from this place of authenticity and soul alignment.🙏

Thank you for allowing me to be of service and guide you along this journey.
I am so grateful for your presence here, keep up the amazing work on yourself!!!
I love you.  From my heart to yours,
Lauren Love

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