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Normalize your eating


People always ask me what the first step to overcoming bulimia and binge eating. For most people it’s usually the same answer. Normalize your eating.  

If you restrict your food through either purging, fasting, excessive exercise or laxatives you will always be prone to bingeing.
You MUST normalize your eating in order to recover.

This involves:
> Eating three meals and three snacks a day, every day.
> Eating regularly, leaving no more than 3 hours between meals and snacks.
> Eating a portion of carbohydrates, fats and protein for each meal.

This is your FIRST priority with recovery and you should spend the first few months focused on this.

This has many, many benefits and will help to:
    ✓    Undo the damage of malnutrition.
    ✓    Stop restricting food.
    ✓    Feed your body the nutrition it needs.
    ✓    Rebalance your blood sugar levels.
    ✓    Kickstart your digestive system.
    ✓    Increase your metabolism.
    ✓    Normalize your hunger.
    ✓    Normalize your satiety.
    ✓    Remove your urge to binge on food.
    ✓    Relearn normal eating habits.

Doing this, you can expect around a 60-90% reduction in your binge urges.
Start small and make gradual changes.
By making small changes every day you can gradually re-train your body to process and respond normally to food.


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