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Constant deprivation caused by an eating disorder can delay the feeling of fullness, trigger cravings for sweets, and lead to anxiety. Healing the gut is the first step in the right direction to recover from an eating disorder and bring the body back into balance.

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Rebalancing your Body


If your body is physically out of balance you will always be prone to binge urges.
I can’t stress this enough.

To break free from binge urges, you need to eat enough nutritious, balanced food, spread throughout the day.
I suggest using the 3,3,3 rule.
Each day eat 3 meals and 3 snacks with no more than 3 hours in-between.
Its also a great idea to make sure you balance your meals with a portion of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Doing this you can expect a massive reduction in your binge urges and a big boost to your wellbeing.

To begin with, don’t feel pressured to eat something that will cause anxiety or something you know you will have trouble keeping down.
In time, you can introduce more variety, but for now, stay safe and stick to foods you feel comfortable eating.
If you know certain foods can trigger a binge then avoid them for now.

Even if you do not feel hungry, when it is time to eat, then you should try and eat something.

If you are worried that eating often will lead to weight gain, keep in mind that eating regularly is one of the best things you can do to maintain a healthy weight, as it provides a massive boost to your metabolism.
Studies show that people who skip meals during the day and then eat lots in the evening, tend to be more overweight than those who eat regularly throughout the day. Eating regularly also helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels which will automatically suppress your appetite.

You can start whenever you feel ready.
If you are feeling brave, why not start right now?
The sooner you start the sooner you break free.


Ali Kerr



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