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Reiki. Calms the mind. Empowers the soul. Fills the heart with compassion…

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Please find below a brilliant blog post on alternative therapies ‘Reiki’. Please view this post with open mind, the purpose is healing and curing of illness and nothing else. We know a difference of opinion among scholars exist on Reki, but we talk about Reiki here in combination of other ED treatments. Alternative therapies have a great success rate and we are sure Reiki will prove beneficial for many sufferers in their healing of Eating Disorder.



Healing your Eating Disorder with Reiki and How it works.



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Eating disorders are seen in many people these days, and usually, It is seen in girls and ladies who are in the teenagers and early twenties. The eating disorders are also seen in the Islamic culture. And also the practice of Ramzan sometimes escalates the problem for people who are suffering from eating disorders. Reiki is now seen as one of the solutions to help the Islamic countries to deal with eating disorders. Let us know more about how Reiki can help in encountering eating disorders.


What does Islam say about Reiki?

According to many, it was always believed that Reiki was developed and inspired by Japan. Whereas some of the verses of Quran say that the reiki was actually practiced by a prophet who was a slave and a messenger to Allah. The verses clearly stated that reiki was practiced in the Islam and the knowledge of Reiki was given by Allah to Hazrat Isa Alay Salam.


How Reiki has been used by people in Islam to treat mental health illnesses.

Reiki has been used to treat mental illness. Basically, Reiki is said to be a flow of energy from one person to another. It is a non-invasive way of healing an individual. It is said that when a person undergoes a session of Reiki the other person with the help of his hand and certain verses helps to concentrate the energy on a certain point which heals the affected person. Many people call it a placebo effect but the outcomes have been really positive. Hence this is practiced in many of the Islamic countries because it is something that was brought down on prophet by Allah itself.


How can Reiki help with curing Eating Disorder?

Reiki has been to be helping the patients in curing there eating disorders. Let it be called as a placebo effect or any such effect but Reiki is something that is easily undertaken by the people of Muslim countries and they also get cured with the same. The Islamic people put in a lot of trust in the Maulanas. Hence any practice by such devoted people is considered to be working for them.

The research has been made by the international association of Reiki professionals that say it helps in curing the patients who have an eating disorder.

Also, a research paper published by Naseem Akhtar Qureshi and Abdullah Mohammed Al-Bedah showed evidence that approximately 30 to 40% of the patients who have undergone any kind of mental disorder or food disorder have been cured with the alternative medicines and Reiki.


10 ways Reiki will help with the mind, soul, and food.

  1. Reiki is used to help the Islamic countries in dealing with eating disorders. It helps in keeping back the fate of the person in Allah.
  2. Reiki helps to reduce the stress in the person because of the mental disorientation.

The people who are dealing with an eating disorder have a lot of anxiety in them. It helps patients in getting rid of that anxiety in them.

  1. The patients having eating disorder issues torture themselves by depriving the body of food. Reiki helps to bring back their emotional stability and the trauma that they are causing to their body.
  2. A patient was suffering from mental disorder needs high-quality sleep. Reiki helps in improving the sleep quality of the person.
  3. Because of the practice of Reiki, it brings back the energy level in the person and gives them a positive boost. This helps the patient in having a positive approach towards life.
  4. Some patients feel weak after they are undergoing eating disorder reiki helps to reduce their physical pain.
  5. Most of the patients who have an eating disorder are conscious about their weight and the way they look it can also help in healing obesity and weight gain issues.
  6. Reiki gifts you a belief of being independent and healthier. The people who do not want to take any treatment from the psychologist for them reiki is the best option.
  7. Reiki helps in the spiritual growth and belief of people in Allah. Reiki keeps The spiritual beliefs intact while treating the patient.


Why is the need of alternative therapy?

We all know that to deal with eating disorder we have very limited resources. Hence we have to rely on psychotherapy drugs in treating the people who are suffering from eating disorders. Apart from the use of psychotherapy drugs, it is important that we also bring in other alternatives to treat the patients with eating disorders. The reason that why we must opt for alternative therapy is it acts as a placebo effect for the patients and also it is way cheaper when compared to taking psychotherapy drugs.


  • When talking about taking care of the emotional health, Quranic healing can also be very helpful in dealing with the patient who is having eating disorder. Quran helps a person to elevate themselves from the limiting belief and being confined to themselves. Quran gives a bigger picture to the individuals so that they can easily come out of that mental disorders.
  • The alternate healings can also comprise of acupuncture where pressing of different pressure points would help the patient release them self of depression and improve their physical health.
  • Also, the use of Herbs can be brought into practice to help the patients with eating disorders. Quran has mentioned that the Prophet Muhammad has given any instructions regarding the food items that can be consumed by the people to get rid of certain kind of diseases.
  • Cupping therapy is also one of the alternative therapies where rather than putting in pressure on the person’s body the cups are used to suck out the pressure from the human body to relieve it of different physical and mental stresses.




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