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“Don’t go in for the “yellowish” if what you need is “yellow”. The attitude called precision is the quality that remarks the accuracy of your demand. Never settle for the less; Go for the exact thing!”

― Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes


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Please find below another fantastic and motivating post from Heal ED. Lauren is absolutely right, we need to dream big and we shouldn’t settle for anything less. So believe in recovery and live the life your meant to live, free from the shackles of ED. Lauren is fantastic and her work has made a huge difference. Please do sign up for her recovery program.


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Why is it that so many people actually just do NOT allow themselves to dream, and dream BIG?

Just this week I had multiple coaching conversations with clients bumping up against their fears around just SAYING what it is they wanted.

Not even going after the dreams— literally just having FEARS around the fact that they didn’t want to say it OUT LOUD!!

WHY is that, I wondered? Why is it that we block ourselves from even GOING there?

Is it because we feel silly? We are afraid to dream big because we are worried about what someone else would think? Are we afraid because we fear judgment, rejection, ridicule, or afraid of losing lose? Or are we MORE afraid because if we actually SAY it and CLAIM it, then we would actually have to TAKE ACTION on it?

I can probably assume that one or more or ALL of the above are true. I know for me, I felt a bit ashamed back when I began this process of really allowing myself to dream and set goals for myself.

Now looking back, I remember how FAR AWAY those dreams were when I wrote them on paper.

They seem so obvious to me now, because I have worked hard for them and attained them. Embodied them and stepped into my (old) dreams.

But back then— being broke, having no CLUE what I wanted to do with my life, being sick and ‘mentally ill’, what I was writing down felt like pie-in-the-sky, like YEAH RIGHT, how’s that even gonna happen?!

But yet I had to write it down. I had to feel uncomfortable and actually ALLOW myself to write those things down.

I gave myself permission to dream my biggest dream. 💜✨

And you know what? Looking back on it now, it doesn’t seem like its such a big deal. I mean sure, I’m very proud of myself. I feel good about where I am and what I’ve been able to have, do, be, and accomplish. But yet— I’m just getting STARTED!!

I have SO much more that I want to create!! I have SO much more that I want to DO and SEE and FEEL and EXPERIENCE, with myself, my children, my partner, my friends, my clients, people I’m meant to help, and people I haven’t even met yet!! 🔥

Where I am now also allows for this massive expansion, just as I’ve done for years, and dreaming big enough that my dreams actually SCARE me again!! In fact, they wouldn’t even be WORTH IT to me if I WASN’T afraid!!

I found this interesting, because on a daily basis I find myself doing this that don’t scare me (things that used to scare the shit out of me) and I’m looking at that like, actually thats not good. If I am NOT leaning into my fears, then what am I doing?! SO I actively am taking the steps I need to get OUT of my comfort zone and really show up in a bigger, bolder way and go after my BIG dreams!
I am excited that my dreams scare me. I am excited that I have NO CLUE HOW they are going to happen. All I DO know is that I have to name them, write them down and CLAIM them… and the WAY will be shown to me.
I know this process, and I know it well. I have been using it for YEARS to create and manifest my dream life and here we are again, and yet it STILL feels scary. GOOD! I want to be in this place.
Because I KNOW that just like 7 years ago— how far away those dreams felt back then— and how DIFFERENT they feel now. How right now they are kind of like a NO BRAINER, like DUH how could you have been so AFRAID of them back then? How could you possibly even doubt your ability!?! It seems silly to me now— but back then, WOW they were HUGE dreams!! So my perspective has shifted totally on this.

And then also, looking out into the future… some day I’ll look back on these dreams and goals I’m setting for myself now and think they were small. HAHA!! I can’t wait for that day to come!!! 😂

So today, I know you are sitting there right now thinking about this… thinking about the goals and dreams you’ve set for yourself.. or maybe just thought about.

What is it that you DREAM of? What is it that is SO BIG that it would be totally crazy and unrealistic and pie-in-the-sky for you to name and claim as what it is that you WANT in your life??
Write that down, NOW!! I mean really, write it down. Isn’t it around 1% of people that ACTUALLY write down their goals? And statistically speaking, you have that much of a GREATER chance of ACTUALLY attaining it if you actually write it down?
Seriously, for real.

Write that down now or share it with me in the comments below or in a PM. We need to get REAL about what it is you are ready to bring into your life!!

Over the years I have helped SO MANY WOMEN step into their big goals. It is AMAZING to me — and it’s important to realize that this isn’t rocket science. We have a simple, proven process that gets results. Period! People tend to think that going after your dreams is a wishy-washy process that may or may not bring results. That is SO not true!
The truth is that there is a very logical and rational step-by-step process to this. There is a method to my creative madness— and it starts by you getting really honest with yourself about what it is that you want. Writing that down and creating a huge VISION for what you want— in ALL areas.
This isn’t just limited to one area— but rather thinking in terms of having it ALL. Dreaming your perfect life in the way you treat yourself, in your relationships, career, money, business, health, fitness, spirituality, family, and personal development. How is it that you would like it to be??? Scare you a little bit to think about?? Good. That is the point.
I know that you might feel ashamed or guilty for even wanting these things. It has become such a pervasive thing in our society to just ‘be grateful’ and to hear others tell us, ‘why can’t you just be happy with what you have?’ This is true— AND I choose to have BOTH. I CHOOSE to be grateful and happy with what I have— AND go after MORE.
Because there truly are NO limits in life. No limitations on what we can achieve, be, do or have in our lives— except for the ones we place on ourselves.

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to do so many things? When was the time when you gave up on those things? And who’s to say it’s too late for you to go after them? It’s never too late, the time is now, and you can ALWAYS start exactly where you’re at right now.

For me, I tend to think in terms of— ‘ I can’t believe how much I’ve done and how far I’ve come in the last year, the last 5 years, the last 10 years!! IMAGINE what I can do in the next TWENTY or FORTY or SEVENTY years in my life!!’ 😁

That blows my mind. What I’m doing and how I spend my time is so exciting to me, it gives me so much energy and I feel like I could just do this forever. Likely, I will, so there is no shortage of what I want and what I can create.

As it is the same for you. There is ALWAYS a moment when you can choose to do something differently. You can CHOOSE to have a different outcome. You can CHOOSE to dream a BIG dream, and go after it with all your HEART.

Today I want you to ask yourself—
“If I truly gave myself permission to DREAM my BIGGEST DREAM, as scary as that is, what would it be?
Write that shit down, now!!
And PLEASE let me know, how I can help to support you in CREATING and MANIFESTING that into the world. 🙏🙏

It’s amazing what happens when we just give ourselves permission to be who we are and want what we want.

Remember — you can have, do or be anything you want!! 👊

ANYTHING is possible if you just believe. 🔥

In light + love,
Lauren Love
There is only ONE YOU in the entire world.
And no matter what you have been through in your life… I want you to know that you can BE, DO or HAVE anything you want in this life.
And YES that includes FREEDOM.
You deserve to go after your dreams.
You were made for more!!
You have a destiny and a calling inside of you that is just yearning to be let out…
This is the way…
To break FREE and create a life you LOVE.
lauren love

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