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Importance of Working with a Professional Treatment Team

A professional and specialized treatment team should always address nutritional deficiencies and resulting medical complications. Eating disorders are complex brain-based illnesses and require a comprehensive approach towards recovery and healing.

If you are concerned about nutritional deficiencies that may have resulted from an eating disorder, be sure to reach out to an eating disorder specialist, such as a physician, therapist, or dietitian, who can help you adequately address your concerns. Following a prescribed meal plan and learning to normalize eating behaviors can all be helpful towards healing.


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Nutrition plays a most fundamental role on the path to recovery. The unhealthy behaviours associated with an eating disorder result in grave physical consequences on the body. According to Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC, Director of Content and Social Media at Eating Disorder Hope/Addiction Hope “A body that is not adequately or properly nourished due to abnormal eating behaviors is at risk for far greater medical complications. Malnourishment can also exacerbate eating disorder symptoms. For example, a person with an eating disorder may actually inflict damage to the brain due to inadequate nutrition, which could lead to body dysmorphia and/or an imbalance of neurochemicals needed for effectively balancing mood.

Anxiety around food or eating can be increased as a result, making it even more difficult for a person to eat adequately.

The most effective form of treatment for addressing malnutrition is through comprehensive care for an eating disorder. The body will not have the opportunity to heal, recover, and restore nutritional deficiencies without ceasing from engaging in eating disorder behavior.

Nutritional restoration is a gradual process that occurs as a person consistently consumes adequate food and normalizes eating behaviors. In severe cases, complete nutritional restoration is not fully reversed until several years of normalized eating patterns.

Please find below two sample meal plans from Rainbow Eating Disorder in Lahore sent to us by Ms. Amina Iftikhar, centre’s clinical psychologist. These plans provide a nutritious and well balanced diet for individuals suffering from Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder. They’ve been prepared by centre’s registered dietitians. An added benefit to these meal plans is that they are tailored to Asian preferences and needs. I deem and approve these meal plans to be consistent with guidelines that result in safe and healthy recovery from both BED and BN. For individual tailored meal plans, please contact the centre.


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