Micro-Bravery to End ED



Brave is Built, Not Born

Good things come in small packages – and that small acts of bravery can be life-changing for people suffering from Eating Disorders.


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Please find below a unique post from HealED by Ali Kerr. I found the title of post very fascinating. During Ramadan people really struggled with recovery. One of the biggest fears and the monumental challenges in recovery has been weight gain and accepting body changes. There’s a huge fear that normalizing your eating patterns will result into weight  gain and this fear dominates the recovery process throughout. Fear of gaining weight can take over your life. It can be a constant anxiety that simmers in your headspace. It is like someone has turned up the volume knob, and the intensity and frequency of anxious thoughts about eating, food and weight gain are all pervasive. I love how Ali Kerr breaks up the challenge into small steps.  Much of what we fear in life is determined by how our body feels when we do it or when we think about doing it. Stress hormones in amounts that make us feel bad, tend to turn us away from things we might otherwise pursue before we ever take the first small step. The Brave are the ones actually out there on the playing field. The Micro-Brave are the ones out there taking the smallest, incremental steps they can manage in the direction of their heart’s truest desires.


Micro-Bravery to End ED



By Ali Kerr


Ali Kerr


Recovery asks a lot out of people. You are asked to face into your fears knowing in your heart that the only way out is through.

In order to win back the freedom that ED has stolen, you need to continually step outside your comfort zone and push into your fears.

That can be a very scary thing to do especially if you have been running from food all your life.

So how do you face into your fears when it feels too overwhelming?

You do it with ‘microbravery’.

That means instead of going for really big challenges, you do small steps each and everyday that build up your confidence. It’s an expression that comes from the organization Girls Leadership and I think it perfectly sums up the approach needed.

Small, everyday risks, that take us out of our personal comfort zones and challenge our fears.

For you that might mean eating a small portion of a trigger food with a meal or planning an activity to get you out of the house and safe after eating.

Brave is built not born. It is a skill you develop through practice. Like flexing a muscle it gets stronger the more you flex them. One small step each and every day in the right direction will win you your freedom.

Take small steps each and everyday, even a very small way and you will soon be home free.


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