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What kind of society is this where we cannot even accept the natural shape of a human’s body?

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It’s really sad when I receive E-mails from people stressing their desire to be thin at any cost. People believe being thin makes you happy. I feel the desire to be thin has become so ingrained in our society that everything else takes sideline. People are willing to go to extremes to achieve this myth of ‘being thin=happiness”.


We’re taught that being thin is a worthy goal, the holy grail of a life well-lived.



According to the Pitlaine Magazine: “The pressure women face to be thin, it is overwhelming. The women who are already thin feel it everyday in the sense that they MUST stay thin, or be miserable if they lose it. What about the women who are labeled ‘fat’ by our society? They feel it even worse in many cases because it isn’t just pressure to be thin they feel…they feel judged, they feel like they aren’t good enough, aren’t pretty enough. Of course some of these ‘larger’ women have overcome these feelings and are happy with their bodies. Instead of being praised by society though, instead of being told they are wonderful examples for humanity, they are ridiculed still! Confident and chubby women are accused of being ‘over-confident’ or they are told by others that the reason they accept themselves is because they know they could never be thin. What kind of society is this where we cannot even accept the natural shape of a human’s body?”


Our society needs to stop fetishising thin. We need to  understand and internalise the fact that every body is unique.  Please find below another excellent post by Ali Kerr. I hope you’ll find it useful in your journey to recovery and healing.




Ali Kerr



Today I want to talk about striving to be skinnier.

I struggled with negative body image for years, I would criticize my body, checking my thighs, my stomach and feel constantly upset.
I never had anything good to say about myself.
I beat myself up daily, all because I strived for skinny!
I imagined that being skinny would make me successful and happy, that I will feel more content, more confident and life would be blissful!

Then I got there… I got skinny and guess what happened?
I was miserable,
I was really miserable.

I felt weak, depressed, anxious and unhappy. I wanted to hide from the world.
My body image somehow got worse! not better, I now hated my body even more.
How could this be??
I reached my skinny goal after all???

The truth is malnutrition plays a vital part here. When the body and mind become malnourished it’s unrealistic to expect to find happiness.

Large-scale studies from Harvard and Oxford universities have shown that people on restrictive diets can significantly deplete their serotonin levels within three weeks.

As the brain continues to be starved this leads to psychological problems such as: obsessive and compulsive behavior, distorted body image, depression, anxiety, general moodiness and poor motivation.

Also, years of living with disordered eating can interfere with your gut bacteria. Your gut bacteria is made up of a 100-trillion-strong colony of cells that reside in the large intestine. These cells outnumber your own cells by ten to one, making you more bacterial than human! Is it just me or does that fact gross you out a little? Anyway, the bacteria’s job is to protect you from illness. When it is in balance, you are well. When it is out of balance, a host of problems can occur. This can result in an immediate cutback on the production of chemicals that support the health of your mind, your psyche, and your spirit.

The really great news is that in recovery 100% of the psychological symptoms can be reversed.

My coaching team and I see this all time. We’ve coached thousands of people overcome their disordered eating and many of them say that they can’t believe the difference in their mental well-being once their binge behaviors stop.

They feel so confident, positive and alive without ever engaging in therapy or analyzing their lives.

One of the most common statements I love hearing is when people who are fully recovered say, “I can’t remember how I used to think when I was a binge eater!” The way they think and feel about themselves has changed so dramatically that they find it difficult to remember their old thought patterns.

And the really great thing is that these changes to your mental well-being will happen naturally, over the course of your healing from binge eating, without you even having to think about it! This may sound too good to be true.

If you are sceptical here, I fully understand.

My intention is merely to offer you hope; the knowledge that once you biologically rebalance your body you are going to feel a whole lot better. You really are!


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